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Nouveau Cosmeceuticals
Nouveau Cosmeceuticals Cell Rejuvenation Serum

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Nouveau Is A Worthless MLM Scam


The products themselves are nothing special and overpriced. Positive reviews on the internet all appear to be fake. According to consumer protection groups like mlm-thetruth.com, Nouveau is an MLM scam. What should disturb prospective recruits even more is that Alice "Ace" Hawkins, the illustrious founder of Nouveau, was out hawking equipment leases door-to-door for Lease Finance Group as recently as the summer of 2013. For those who don't know LFG, it's considered by many people to be one of the most notoriously fraudulent companies in the US (google it!). Anyone selling for them doesn't have a shred of integrity. Absorption Nothing special here. Nouveau just sits on the surface. Doesn't Clog Pores In fact it clogged my pores badly and made me break out. This stuff is horrible. Effectiveness Completely worthless. Save your money and spend it on something that actually works.



This serum, used both day & night, will create dramatic results!


Nouveau Cosmeuticals is one of the first product systems that I've found that actually works while simplifying your beauty routine!  Hallelujah!  As as almost 40 year old who has suffered from acne since my teens, this product has finally brought that problem under control while also making me look years younger in the process.  Most people think that I'm in my early 30s!  Love that!  Nouveau is about skin wellness - healthy skin = happy, glowing, beautiful skin.  Somebody finally got it!  Thank you Nouveau.  This is a 3 product skin wellness system for both day & night that combines cosmetics and OTC pharmaceuticals.  Marketing is what creates all the products that are pushed at you by cosmetic companies for day/night and this area and that area.  Believe it or not, one system works for both day & night.  And I don't need a toner anymore, because the cleanser gets all the make-up off the first time!  3 products - cleanser, serum (used on face, eyes and neck), and the moisturizer w/SPF15 are all I need to have healthier, younger looking, gorgeous skin!  I counted it up and ended up throwing away 12 face care products; 3 products replaced all of these!  A set of Nouveau - cleanser, serum & moisturizer lasts anywhere from 30 - 60 days depending upon how heavily you use the product.  I can get close to 60 days by using exact amounts of the serum, and there's enough cleanser to use to shave your legs - which is wonderful!

Snellville, GA


Nouveau Cosmeceuticals Cell Rejuvenation Serum

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