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Conditioner for Curly Hair
Nourish Argan Oil Conditioner

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Good For More Than Just Hair


I've been looking for a conditioner or some sort of product to use in my beard. Men should treat beard hair like the hair on their head, by shampooing and conditioning it regularly. I found this oil based conditioner and was intrigued by it. Most cream leave-ins tend to end up drying out my beard. I use a drop or two at a time, and worked it into my beard. Within a day or two I was noticing a huge difference. My beard was incredibly softer, more manageable, it had a nice shine to it. For any guy out there that needed something to help control his beard, this is the product you need to try. Scent There's no scent that I picked up on, which was even better for me.



Does what it says for your hair!


Summary up front. This stuff works for me! I'm on my third bottle & will keep ordering from Healthy Hair Plus.com. My hair is fine, straight, very thick, about 30% grey, and now approx 3 inches past my shoulders. It has always tended to be flyaway & to develop dry split ends, as well. I use some combination of dryer plus flat iron, curling iron, styling brush or wave iron every single day to keep at least a bit of style. I haven't had my hair trimmed in well over a year & there are still no split ends. It really does protect it! My sister uses it to protect her hair over the summer from both sun & chlorine. I would recommend this product or some other argan oil product to anyone. I purchased my first bottle of this last winter based on 3 factors: 1 - Every brand of shower type conditioner I've tried - inexpensive to salon brands - seems to weigh down my hair & increase oiliness. This does not weigh down my hair or cause oiliness if used as described. 2 - In the last few years I've been experiencing scalp acne & have found that many shampoos & conditioners have a worsening effect on that. And thankfully, it does not contribute to the scalp acne. 3 - When I started growing out my hair I knew I would need a good protecting conditioner against the specialized styling tools I would need. Argan oil had rave reviews across the board for that. This product decreases tangles & as advertised, helps it dry faster. Argan oil treatment leaves my hair soft, sleek, & very manageable (even the greys) with minimal styling needed. My hair has NEVER FELT SO SILKY SMOOTH, not even after expensive salon treatments. I use the argan oil on towel dried hair after almost every shampoo. For wet hair application I use 1/2 - 3/4 tsp rubbed between my hands, applying first to the ends to protect them then spreading the rest throughout for both conditioning & protection. I also use it occasionally (but very sparingly) on dry hair to add shine - usually when I neglect to use it after showering. It really helps control frizz caused by humidity. For dry hair application, I use about 1/4 tsp rubbed between my hands and smoothed over and throughout. The only other product I've ever used that compares to this for shine is John Frieda Brillaint Brunette Shine Shock, which I still have & use. I carry this with me when I travel. The Frieda product is not a styling protectant, however. In case anyone is wondering, it does not help with static electricity. :)

Orange, VA


Nourish Argan Oil Conditioner

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