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Nostalgia Electrics
Nostalgia Electrics Retro Series Popcorn Popper

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Tasty popcorn!


I receive this popcorn machine as a Christmas present and love it! It makes the best tasting popcorn! (well, once I add all my ingredients to the popcorn!) It is super easy and fun to use, especially with the kids! It makes movie night more fun! It is pretty easy to clean, I usually just wipe it down with a damp cloth on the sides, bottom and top, wherever I can get too. It would have been nice to have a warmer in this popcorn unit but I think that is made for more of the larger popcorn machines that makes a lot of popcorn. I would recommend this to my friends and family. It is super cute and fun! Also it's not too bulky for storage, we keep it in our pantry for easy access when we want to make delicious popcorn!

Olympia, WA


Nostalgia Popcorn Popper for You


We purchased the Nostalgia Popcorn Maker over a year ago to be used in our family/game room.  What a great popcorn maker.  The popcorn is fresh and tastes like the popcorn you get a movie theaters.  You don't have to stand over a pot and shake/stir it or place a bowl for the popcorn to blow out of.  You can put whatever seasoning you want on and it's the best popcorn you ever had.  Plus, it takes all brands of popcorn.  Most microwave popcorns burn if you keep them in too long.  This is so different and you know when the popcorn is done and you flip the handle to empty out the remaining popcorn.  There is also a light that eluminates the machine when not in use.  It's also a great conversation piece and is immediately noticed by our guests.  I want to also mention about the easy clean up.  You can either take apart the machine to clean it, or just wipe down the inside with a damp cloth.  We have also purchased two additional machines which we gave out as Christmas presents this year.  The popcorn stays fresh inside the machine too!

Schenectady, NY


We love our Nostalgia Popcorn Popper!


We got our Nostalgis Popcorn Popper as a christmas gift. This is the kind of item I would never have bought myself but now that we have one we absolutely love it! It has a very retro appearance and is very cute! It is silver and red in color with lots of clear plastic windows so that the kids can watch the popcorn pop and fly out of the kettle, they love it! It is rather large and tall so it takes a lot of counter space and if you choose to store it finding a kitchen cabinet tall enough might pose a problem.There are only two things that I feel are not great about this product. First, when the popcorn starts popping a lot of unpopped kernals come flying out of the kennel so this is very wasteful unless you take the time to collect them and try to repop them. Also if you follow their cooking instructions the batches are very small. For our family of four I usually have to make 2-4 batches.

Altoona, WI


Fun but leaves a lot of unpopped kernels


I received this as a gift two years ago. The first one I received wouldn't turn so we returned it and got a replacement. The replacement wouldn't turn either, so instead of messing with the hassle of returning it again I started cranking on the gear with pliers and eventually got it to turn. The first few times we used it we had to "crank start" it like that but now it starts up on its own. I think it had sat in a warehouse too long and all the lubricant had solidified but once it was worked through a little started working. My kids have a lot of fun watching the popcorn pop in this machine, but the small little hopper doesn't hold the unpopped kernels in when it really starts to pop. Lots of the unpopped kernals fly out of the hopper when the popping starts so I always end up with a lot of unpopped ones at the bottom. The popcorn does take great, though - just like movie theater popcorn, especially if you buy the special butter-flavored popping oil. If there is a trick to getting the popcorn to pop better I haven't figured it out. I use the measuring spoons that came with it so I know I'm using the right amount of popcorn and oil. Maybe they should include some "tips for success" in the instructions.

Las Vegas, NV


Fun and Great, but has a few down falls.


The Nostalgia Electors, Retro Series kettle style popper, is a retro looking popcorn maker, which is small enough to fit on your counter. This popcorn maker is easy to use and makes really good popcorn. My only complaint is that there is not warming plate. Therefore then you pop more then one time the popcorn gets cold. And using a variety of oil to top the popcorn gives you different flavors. It can me a little tricky to get the popping device out and clean, but only having to do that occasionally makes it not so bad. This machine is stable with clear plastic panel on the sides which a metal plate on the bottom, this makes it easy to clean the oil off the sides and bottom. This is a fun, great machine with only a few down falls. But still makes better popcorn, and more for your money, that bags. Personally I was impressed by how much it made and how many times the small container lasted. I personally would say it pays for itself.

Northridge, CA


Nostalgia Electrics Retro Series Popcorn Popper

3.8 5