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Nostalgia Electrics
Nostalgia Electrics Retro Series Mini Hot Air Popcorn Maker

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Nice popper! Great for small spaces!


I love this little popcorn popper! There is not a lot of space in my kitchen so I need appliances that are easy to store and smaller. This is perfect! It makes popcorn in smaller batches so I don't over do it since I am trying to eat healthier snacks with yummy popcorn! I love home popped popcorn because it is healthier and I can flavor it to my liking. I can easily store it in my pantry and it takes a little bit of space. This is a great popcorn popper for someone with limited counter or kitchen space in their home. One note of caution: beware of the machine when it is in use. It gets hot so you want to be careful with the little ones.



Very convenient!


I've found my Nostalgia Electronics Retro Series Mini Hot Air Popcorn Maker to be extremely convenient as well as an easy way to cut down on the amount of fat/calories and the cost of enjoying popcorn during my family's movietime. First off, this machine cuts down on the cost of popcorn, very important during these rough economic times, because I'm able to purchase bags of dried popcorn kernals instead of bags of microwaveable popcorn, of which the bags are much, much cheaper. Secondly these machine doesn't require any oil to operate, just pour in the amount needed, then turn it on, it uses hot air to pop the kernals in a very short period of time. Thirdly, I control what goes onto my kernals, which is nice because I am oft concerned as to what the major companies are putting into the food these days. With this I've just got straight popcorn kernels. It also cuts down on the fat and calories, as all I'm getting is straight popcorn, it's up to me to choose if I want a bit of melted butter and/or salt, not some predetermined chemistry experiment. All in all it's a device that, especially for the low cost, I've been very happy to have in my house.

Virginia Beach, VA


Nostalgia Electrics Retro Series Mini Hot Air Popcorn Maker

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