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Nostalgia Electrics
Nostalgia Electrics Plastic Bucket Ice Cream Maker

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Directions could be less confusing, but we figured it out.


We read through the online description & thought this would be a nice replacement for the ice cream maker we previously used. When it arrived, we read the instructions that came with it. The printed instructions said some things completely different than that which we read online. Having said that, though, we measured our ingredients & put them in the container. I did the ice & salt layering all the way up the container. However, that would not allow the container to spin to create the ice cream. I had to add about 3 cups of water to get the ice & salt to "unstick" from the container so it could move. The instructions did not say that it was the container that spun around, instead of the paddle inside. It still worked and made a very nice ice cream, however. It was more firm that soft serve ice cream, but not hard like store bought ice cream. I really think this ice cream maker was worth the price. We've used it about 10 times and nearly every time, it takes the same amount of time, regardless of what "flavor" we are making. We just wash all parts except for the electrical part with soap and water & allow it to air dry.






This machine reminds me of the one we had when I was a little girl coming up in Chicago. My mom made ice cream all the time. Great product.


Charlotte NC


So Creamy


I personally bought this after many years of yearning for Gelato. Anyone from the Midwest states could probably confirm this, but for years there were no Gelato venders around the Chicago area. This product, though a bit behind on the technological side of things, gets things done in a very good way. Performance While it makes incredible icecream for the price, the noises it sometimes emits are atrocious. Had I not known that noises were going to emit from this thing, I'd probably have been much more worried when the grinding started. That being said, the directions are slightly confusing as to what exactly is the moving part. Durability I've only owned the product six months, but so far so good Ease of Use Its a lot of hand's on work. While I enjoy cooking and experimenting with food, I feel like this might not be the thing for people that don't want to hover over the maker, or be constantly poking at the ice or remaking batches to get the right mix. I personally enjoy the process, but I know some people just wont like this part of the maker. Ease of Cleaning Just rinse and wash with mild soap Capacity It is the perfect size for my family to have dessert together. That being said, were a family of three, so the size could be left to be desirable as well if people eat large portions. Even still, I feel like the container is an adequate size Design It definitely has that old time feel to it. I don't disapprove of this, but as I move to more modern looking appliances, this thing stands out like a sore thumb. Even still, the remarkable quality to the ice cream eases that eyesore. I just wish they came in less atrocious colors and patterns. I also wish that they had a top that could slide over the canister for leftovers or if you desire a thicker icecream. An idea for the next model, I suppose.




Nostalgia Electrics Plastic Bucket Ice Cream Maker

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