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Nostalgia Electrics
Nostalgia Electrics Movietime Popcorn Popper

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Movie like popcorn in a hurry.


Love this popcorn maker and love Nostalgia products. Glad I made this purchase. Easy to set up and use, just plug in wait till it heats up and toss in the kernels. My main issue is it's difficult to clean and I wish they had the compartments that detach so it would be cleaned easier. This product pops all the kernels and you definitely get full use of the kernels you put in so there's no waste.

Philadelphia, PA


Nostalgia Movietime Popcorn Maker - Popcorn Spreader!


I purchased the Nostalgia Movietime Popcorn Maker for my kids for Christmas last year. We love to re-create a cheaper version of Friday Night at the Movies. This popcorn maker looks great and my kids were totally intrigued, as was I, by a machine that produced popcorn which didn't have to go in the microwave. However, I was a little displeased with the performance of the product. The biggest problem is that when the popcorn is popped, it is supposed to slide down and out the shoot and into a bowl. Invariably it doesn't slide but rather gets stuck inside, I worry this is a fire hazzard. Secondly, on the occasion it does come out the shoot it fires out in all directions, I've had pieces fly out the machine and then pop on the kitchen floor. Although it was for my kids, I'm afraid I had to tell them to watch from the open plan living room. On the plus side, it doesn't need much cleaning, the popcorn is dry so it just needs a wipe out with a dry cloth. Next time, I will do my research before buying a popcorn maker.



Good design, but not too effective for large quanitities


My husband and I were given this popcorn maker as a christmas gift after our old one stopped working. It is definitely cute and makes a good addition to our apartment decorations. It looks like an old-time popcorn machine from the movie theaters. It makes popcorn quickly and the wonderful smell fills the whole house with a wonderful nostalgia. It is REALLY loud, enough to scare our daughter in the next room. Sometimes, the popcorn kernels fly out of the machine before they are fully popped. The maximum amount of popcorn that can fit into it is a half cup. It makes a decent quantity, but it isn't enough for a party with a lot of people. You have to keep a towel over the spout, otherwise the popcorn can fly out and miss the bowl. Also, after the popping is over, sometimes pieces will get stuck behind the popping chamber between the sides of the container. You have to pick it up and tap it out into the bowl.

Austin, TX


Fun Family Times


**Nostalgia Electrics OFP501 Movietime Popcorn Popper is so much fun to use and looks cool when you are making popcorn.  My children all love it and it makes good popcorn.  Although there are a few things about it that are a bummer.** **First off, it doesn't pop all of the corn that you put into the **Nostalgia Electrics OFP501 Movietime Popcorn Popper.  It has a measuring scoop built in, which is really neat, so that you know exactly how much corn to put in but it only pops about two thirds of what is put in there.  A lot of the kernels will pop out un-poped with the poped corn.  Make sense?!?  :)**** **Another thing is that it makes very little popcorn at one time.  I have a family of five children and we have to run it one time for each person that wants popcorn.  I would guess it makes about 2 cups at a time.** **And, lastly, the way the machine is shaped and where the "wheels" are placed on it, you can't get a bowl to actually fit between the wheels and catch the popcorn.  A bowl has to be help up close to the opening so that it doesn't go all over the counter.**

Wayne, MI


Nostalgia Electrics Popcorn Popper is the best!!!


My husband surprised our three sons with this popcorn popper/maker this past Christmas and needles to say it was the best gift they got under the tree.  I thought it would be like the other popper we had but this one is truly like the movie makers and easy to do.  The boys wanted to use it Christmas night, so we did.  It took us about 3 minutes to put it together, so assembly was too easy.  It was very lightweight and easy to handle so we sat it on the counter-top and started using.  We purchased some movie popcorn and oil packages, something new we were trying, and used it with the directions that came with the popper.  The popper had two scoops, one for oil and one fore the kernels, already a specific measurement so nothing special we had to do but poor.  The popper heats up the oil and kernels and I believe the popcorn begins popping within one or two minutes at the most, I can't remember, we were having so much fun with this new machine.  Even the baby wanted to help.  The popcorn is delicious, nothing gets burned since it pops right out and the easy handle allows you to turn the put over to empty out any excess.  Although the kids want to help, the smaller ones must be supervised since the machine does get hot, the kernels may pop out the air holes and the can/pan which holds the grease and kernels can burn you.  This is a fun, family popper, which could be used for any occasion.  This is going to be a hit at our parties and movie nights.  We may cut down big time on our microwave popcorn since this is so easy to use.

Hampton, VA


Nostalgia Electrics Movietime Popcorn Popper

3.8 5