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Cranberry Blackberry Juice
Northland Cranberry Blackberry Juice

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Delicious healthy juice


Northland juices are great. They make a pomegranate cranberry one which is my favorite but this one is good too. They are 100% juice so you get nutrients from it without the high fructose corn syrup. They are still sweet and delicious. Because they are 100% juice they have very strong flavor so I find I can mix them with things like lemonade or seltzer without losing any of the taste.



Cranberry juice is a preventive mean to respiratory illnesses


Cranberry is extremely healthy for the body. Its taste is a little tart for most people, therefore another ingredient like blueberry (or rasperry, apple, others...) helps soften its tartness. This juice creates relief on the throat and the bronchial and lung areas of the body. It helps loosen-up phlagm, for one. Try it out. First, if you suspect even a little asthma-related cough, or others... drink it or give it to your child and you will see results within minutes. Use it as a preventive measure for respiratory illnesses, and definitely use it when you or your loved ones come down with any illness -- from simple colds to sinus and allergies, high fever, etc. GIVE IT A TRY! IT IS HEALTHIER AND CHEAPER THAN PRESCRIPTION MEDICINE. Let me know! My own son, at age 6, was diagnosed with a light case of asthma by his pediatrician -- the medicine would simply made him sleepy and groggy with no relief. A nurse suggested cranberry juice or pineapple juice. I tried cranberry/raspberry or /blueberry, and this has become our family's natural medicine ever since.

Denver, CO


Tasty and the extra Vitamin C was timely...I think


I like ***Northland *Cranberry Blackberry Juice**.  It was different from the **Ocean Spray Cranberry juices** I've had.  It took a bit of getting used to though, the blackberry flavor.  It also has relevant health benefits like being gluten free (*great news* for food allergy sufferer), containing antioxidant-rich blackberries, and having 120% vitamin C. Still, for advertising it had no sugar added, ***Northland's* Cranberry Blackberry** has a lot of sugar at 31 grams.  Although vitamin C is advertised as helping strengthen the immune system and combat colds--both welcome during 4-5 month Ohio winters--I'm not convinced that taking in more than the daily intake is the right answer. We've enjoyed various cranberry juices from different brands and the ***Northland ***brand is among my favorites.  I'll be looking to see if ***Northland ***has a *light* or *diet *line of cranberry juices though.  Regular juices are usually too sweet for me.  I've become accustomed to the lighter versions. I'll keep you posted what I find out.

Dayton, OH


Northland Cranberry Blackberry Juice

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