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Norpro Stainless Steel Odor-Free Countertop Compost Keeper, 1 gallon Trash Receptacles

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Indestructable Compost Countertop Bin


After managing to break 2 of the ceramic countertop compost pails within 2 years, I went for stainless.  It doesn't match my kitchen as well, but that is the only drawback.  Advantages over the white porcelain pail is that it is lighter and it holds more compostables.  It looks just fine on the coutnertop, does the job, and will hold up for years.  I wish I had saved money and bought this one in the first place. 

Aptos, CA


Finally, compostable items collected indoors odor free.


I was tired of my spouse throwing out the coffee grounds and other compostable items daily because we didn't have a proper container to store them in indoors until I could get out to my compost bins.  It was too convenient for my spouse to just drop the grounds, egg shells and veggie peels into the trash.  His biggest issue to my wanting to add these to the compost bin was "it smells up the house": I saw the ceramic keeper at one store and the stainless steel at another - the prices were comparable, so it was down to the material of the container.  Because I have pets that try to get things off the counter, decided the stainless material was better as I was worried the ceramic might break and the shards could cut my pets' paws. One feature that really stood out to me was the filter in the top of the unit was replaceable - it was advertised as keepping things odor free for up to 6 months.  I've had my unit 6 months now and have not had any issue with odors from the keeper.  I did notice the filter was starting to show a mildew film and have replaced it for that reason. The cover lifts off so you can easily add new scraps.  There is a handle on the container to make it easier to carry out to the compost bin.  The container looks like a miniture metal trash can. The container takes up no more space than a coffee machine and can hold several days worth of food wastes.  I take it to my compost bin every 2 or 3 days and give the compost keeper a quick swish of water to rinse it out between uses.  One a week or so I'll give it a full washing just to keep odors at bay.

Madison, SD


Norpro Stainless Steel Odor-Free Countertop Compost Keeper, 1 gallon Trash Receptacles

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