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Norpro Cast Iron Pig Bacon Press #1398

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Shrinking Bacon Is A Thing of The Past!


I gave up eating bacon made from pork after I had a heart attack but I still make it when I have friends coming over for tailgating, to watch movies or when we are grilling outside. They will put bacon on just about anything so I usually fry up a pound of regular bacon and a pound of thick cut bacon. Regardless of the cut, shrinkage and curling can cause the pieces to cook unevenly. When I got this I thought that I would only use it when frying bacon but it's heavy enough that I can use it to make grilled cheese sandwiches, breakfast steaks and when I was a good sear on a piece of meat. For bacon I usually fry three pieces at a time so there's enough room for the grease to leech out. This keeps the pieces flat, allows for even cooking and reduces shrinkage. Cleaning this isn't hard but you do need to use a brush to get all of the grease off of the face of it. Since bacon splatters you need to clean the top and the bottom of it and the round handle needs to be cleaned as well because it can get slippery from the grease. When you are done using it let it sit on a plate for a couple of minutes to cool off; you don't want to put this in water when it is still hot because eventually it will cause small cracks in the metal and that means that bacteria has a place to hide. I have had a couple different bacon presses over the years but this is the one that works best for other things like cut pieces of steak and sandwiches. Ease of Cleaning It isn't hard to clean but you need to do it by hand to get the job done correctly.



Norpro Cast Iron Pig Bacon Press #1398

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