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Nordicware Griddles Flat Top Reversible Grill Griddle

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Great Idea But Not All That Easy To Use On The Grill


I got this grill griddle as a gift from one of the people that we tailgate with. I always wanted to be able to make fish on the grill without it falling apart or getting stuck to the top of the grill. I had high hopes for this but there are some things that are almost impossible to cook on this type of griddle. Trying to get an even temperature is one of the tricky things that you have to deal with when using any type of griddle on a grill. Having the coals spread out evenly will help but if you are using a propane grill you can adjust the temperature a little more accurately. Because this had groves in it, most of the fat from hamburgers will drip down into them so there's less of a chance of a fire or flare up from the fat hitting the coals. The downside is that you don't have the same charcoal taste that you get when you grill directly on the grill grid. You can add a little flavor by putting the lid on the grill but it still isn't going to have the same taste. This is relatively easy to clean but if it is too large for your sink you will have to wash one side then flip it around and wash the other side. I have only used this in the kitchen a couple of times and wasn't really impressed with the results. I had to wait for the griddle to cool off before I could move it to clean the stovetop. Performance It is nice for tailgating to make sausage or hot dogs. Durability So far it hasn't shown any rust or signs of wear. Ease of Cleaning If you have a double sink in your kitchen you aren't going to be able to soak this so you will have to soak and wash one side then do the other side.




Nice pan


I purchased a Nordicware Griddles Flat Top Reversible Grill/Griddle a few years back as an alternative to the outdoor grill. Sometimes it's just too much of a headache to barbeque outside and this serves as a nice option. I like that it is reversible with one side being flat and serving as a griddle and the opposite side serving as a grill. I have made many, many things on this one pan and I like that the pan is small enough to fit in a cabinet, but large enough to do a whole batch of pancakes or multiple steaks. It also works very well with both electric and gas ranges. It has been my experience that this grill/griddle is NOT non-stick and it usually takes several attempts to get the temperature just right. I would also recommend cleaning this by hand althought it is very, very difficult to clean, especially the grill side. Nice pan, despite it's cons.


Dripping Springs, TX


Great for Cooking for Several!


The last item we tried was the Flat-Top Grill Griddle. I had wanted a griddle for the stovetop for a long time, but I had trouble finding one for a flat top stove for a long time. After they were available, life had changed (read: Kids, budget, etc) and we just never bought one. I was so excited to have one to try! And Chip was pleased that we were sent this item as well. Since he now works on a flat top griddle on a daily basis as a restaurant manager, he has learned that he really likes cooking on a flat surface. This griddle did a great job of providing a convenient work area for all types of delicious meals. It did a great job of evenly dispersing the heat across the surface, making the cooking experience a true joy! Let me just say, it is perfect for whipping up a mountain of grilled cheese sandwiches at once. Anyone with small children can appreciate that! Unfortunately I have no pictures of us using this griddle.On the flip side of this product (literally) is a grill to use with your flat top stove. I love the idea of this so that we can still grill when it is cold or rainy. Once we used it though, we learned that the grill side is not as easy to clean as I had hoped. It's not too bad though, so we still love it!


Savannah, GA


Nordicware Griddles Flat Top Reversible Grill Griddle

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