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NordicTrack Treadmill

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nordic track achiever


the old Nordic Track Achiever has been in our laundry, a little idle, gathering dust.  it is a great way to exercise when the weather is not cooperating, like now, with the rainy, windy conditions of Hawaii.  It's now winter in Hawai, and these past few days have been days when you can't go outdoors.  The Nordic Track is a great way to get exercise into your routine without having to deal with the weather.  You can vary the exercises on the Nordic Track.  You can go as long as you want to or as little as you need to.  The Nordic Track takes a bit of space in the laundry room; however, it can be a convenient "clothes rack" for some days.  The heart monitor keeps track of the heart beat, the minutes elapsed on the machine, and even the calories burned.  The only thing is to get motivated to start doing the exercises on the Nordic Track.  Once you get started, it is hard to stop.  You can challenge yourself to get more done daily.

Hanapepe, HI


Wonderful way to exercise in the winter.


So now if you have to figure out a way to exercise, this Nordic Track Achiever is the way to go.  It folds when you have to take it down, but who would have to put it away.  It is a nice looking piece of equipment, and is very easy to use.  Of course, I walk when the weather is good, but when it is not, this Nordic Track takes up the slack.  It has the arm pulleys and so you get the aerobic part.  In case you really want to read, it has a book holder.  It came with directions and a log book also.  My husband uses it a lot, so everyone in the family can enjoy the same piece of equipment.  We have had this one for quite awhile, but there is virtually no maintenance.  Nice to have equipment that does not break down, once you have spent the money, you have it forever.  Walking is easy on this machine, and everyone can walk, easy on the legs and back.  I do not know what else to say, but get yourself in shape. 

Williamsburg, VA


NordicTrack Treadmill

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