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NordicTrack Treadmill

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nordic track a2250, helped after husbands heartattack.


we purchased the nordic track a2250 after my husband had a heart attack, he didnt smoke, didnt drink or do any form of drugs, we even have a total work out gym in our home, the problem with the gym is that they are all free weights and he could no longer use any of them. with the nordic track a2250 he was able to walk indoors voiding the allergies and bad weather, i honestly believe this has given him a healthy and very hopeful out look on life that he had lost as a result of his heart attack, my husband and i would totally recommend it to anyone, not just those that have suffered a heart attack but anyone trying to avoid one.


Monroe, NC


Affordable, Easy to Use and Effective! WE LOVE IT!


If you are looking for an excellent treadmill, with a some bells and whistles, yet affordable, the Nordic Track A2250 is for you! We had been checking out treadmills for health reasons and found this one on sale at Sears for almost 1/2 price! It folds up for smaller spaces, has many different programs as well as iFit! I love the fact that you can adjust it for impact, so anyone can use this machine. I'm using it to get back in shape after major back sugery and a lingering illness.    


Reno, NV


Good treadmill, unless your big.


First off, I'm a big guy at 250.  But I'm a runner, not a jogger.  I average 25-35 miles per week and only run on my treadmill when I cant run out side.  When I run on it I generally do speed work for 30 minutes, anywhere from a 7.5 mph run to 9 and 10 mph sprints (the max speed on this machine).  I had enjoyed it until recently when I noticed it seemed to have a dent in the running board.  upon further investigation I found a board of MDF which was almost split trough.  This is after only 166 miles on the machine.  I can't believe they use MDF first off, and second I was told that this was a medium duty machine, i.e. for heavy home use not quite fitness club quality but good enough.  I will contact the company to see if I can get replacement parts for a reasonable price but I am very disappointed in the A2250 treadmill for the use of substandard parts.


Kingsland, GA


i use my Nordic Track A2250 treadmill 4-5 times/week and love it


I bought my Nordic Track A2250 treadmill about a year and a half ago at Sears. It was affordable and a great buy for all of it's features. I use the incline, which goes to 12% and I vary the speed so I can walk at first and then run a little. I enter my weight and it calculates calories burned for my weight, which is motivating to me. It is quiet enought that i can watch tv while exercising. It folds up easily so that I can store it in place and it takes up very little space. It is cold and snowy in the winter where I live and the Nordic Track treadmill is a great tool for me to keep active without going out into the cold!


Bend, OR


NordicTrack Treadmill

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