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NordicTrack T7SI Treadmill

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Love it


I use my treadmill everyday for at least 30 minutes and sometimes twice a day, so I need one that is durable and built to last. I had been through several other brands of treadmill (that I will not name) and they wore out rapidly or required extensive repairs. On this last treadmill, I decided to step up to the NordicTrack even though I normally would not pay that much for a treadmill. Boy, I am a firm NordicTrack customer now. I love the treadmill with its incline function and various programs that I can run. It is very well build and durable and very quite so that I can watch my morning TV program while I use it without having to turn the volume way up. My one concern was the price and I was able to find it on sale, so that helped. Hoswever, I believe that the increased cost will be more than made up for with the fact that I have had no problems with this treadmill in the nine m onthys that I have had it and the fact that it seems much more sturdy and better built than the previous treadmills that I have had. I am now a firm believer in NordicTrack products and may consider investing in one of their ellipticals. Durability So far so good and I use it everyday

Sacramento, CA


I love this treadmill!


In February, my husband purchased the Nordic Track T7SI Treadmill for me for our anniversary.  I was thrilled to get it.  The treadmill allows you to start out slowly and work your way up to all kinds of pre-programmed workouts.  You can also get ifit cards and insert them for additional workouts or you can also design your own!   I love the fact that the treadmill has a fan.  One of the reasons I never wanted to workout before is the heat.  We live in the desert and it is miserable here, so being able to walk with fan hitting me in the face is wonderful.  I just plug in my IPod and off I go on my workout.  If you choose one of the pre-programmed workouts, you get a warm up and a cool down with some lighter walking and some hill climbing at various speeds.  Let me tell you, you know you have exercised.  I feel so much better afterwards.  I have inproved my cholesterol level and my doctor was thrilled.  I highly recommend this product to everyone fit or looking to get fit!

El Paso, TX


NordicTrack T7SI Treadmill

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