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NordicTrack T7.0 Treadmill

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Work great for for whole family


My family was looking for a treadmill that worked good for whole family. Dad is a bigger guy and many treadmills do not hold a heavier weight. This worked perfect. Ease of Use Lots of options for different types of workouts. Or you can set your own. Durability With family of 6 it is holding up well. Very bulky and hard to move. Design Like the large handles on the side, just is case we have more to grab. It is large, it does fold, but kinda heavy to do. We really needed to hold 350 pounds, if you don't you may want a lighter machine.



Great treadmill


My husband and I really like this treadmill. We keep it in our bedroom (to remind us to use it). It is extremely quiet when compared to other treadmills, and it doesn't even wake up our infant when my husband runs in the mornings. Comfort Some treadmills really hurt my knees after a while, but I haven't had any problems at all with that. My knees feel great! Ease of Use I have not yet tried all of the programs, but they are easy to figure out. The only thing difficult about this product is that I am pretty out of shape! Durability It has held up just fine with my husband's daily runs and my daily walks. It doesn't seem to be wearing out at all. Design At the top where the bookholder is, it's not designed very well. Any heavier, wider books put too much pressure on the buttons that increase speed and/or incline. Sometimes you can get the balance just right, but oftentimes it will move slightly and suddenly increase the speed rapidly.



NordicTrack T7.0 Treadmill

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