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NordicTrack Solaris Treadmill

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It has a place of honor in our family room


The Nordic Track Solaris was a great pre-Christmas gift from my sister last year.  It is roomy, has many settings and is great for running while you watch T.V.  It is extremely easy to use.  My husband uses it during the winter when it is too cold for him to run outside.  It's also a little easier on the joints than pounding the cement pavement.  My daughter uses it when she is unable to exercise anywhere else.  It is a lot more convenient than going out to a gym. The handles are padded and easy to hang on to.  The settings range from really difficult (incline, quick) to slow and easy (0 incline).  I usually try to put in about 40 minutes,and it is an extremely smooth machine the entire time. I don't see any draw backs to this machine other than it does take up a lot of space.  We have a fairly roomy family room so that doesn't pose too many problems for us.  It's quite wide, so that might turn other people off from buying it.

Lewiston, ID


NordicTrack Solaris Treadmill

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