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NordicTrack Incliner x3

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Loved this


This Nordic Track was a great treadmill and I loved using it every day. I had it for about three years and it was nothing less than perfect. Then all of a sudden one day it broke. That is the only reason I would not buy this model again. When it worked it was such a great work out. I could choose the recline I wanted and the higher the better. You cannot go very fast at the high incline because it is difficult. You can get a great fat burning exercise in a short time on this treadmill. It is so easy to operate with the great display and options available. Even though I am a shorter woman, I am still easily able to use the arm handles. In some exercise equipment, I cannot comfortably reach the arm things and I hate wasting the time when I can be exercising my arms as well. It is also comfortable to walk on as it is not so hard that your feet hurt after using it for a workout. I would recommend buying this treadmill.




Love this machine


This treadmill is one of the best out there. It's easy to use, it keeps track of everything you need it to, and it inclines! Which means that it will go up and down so you can have so many different types of work outs. It's stays out of the way and doesn't take up lots of space. It's design and colors makes it look perfect in my home. Stands up to the wear and tear of a toddler being around, a man occasionally using it and me who uses it every day. Performance Fantastic! I have not had any problems with it malfunctioning or even little hiccups that cause it to not work for me. Ease of Use Very easy to use and set up! It comes with a manual so it's a good idea to read it first but if not you can figure it out in no time. Everything is right there for you to use. Durability Stands up to wear and tear! Being a mother and having a man that occasionally uses it also it has too. Most likely will not ever have to buy another one again. Design Sleek and the colors are beautiful! It's a great design all over.




NordicTrack Incliner x3 - a bit pricey for the quality


My husband and I reviewed several treadmills before purchasing, and we've been a little disappointed with the NordicTrack Incliner x3. Some of what we do like about the treadmill is the incline feature, the MP3 feature, and the fan included on the machine. I do not feel that it is very easy to use without reading the manual thoroughly as you are trying to use it. We've also had a couple of issues that we plan on trying to get resolved. One is that when you land on a certain part of the treadmill, it makes a fairly loud and definitely annoying click noise. The other is that right away we were getting a black dust (maybe from the belt) come out and land on the sides of the treadmill and on our carpet. We've had this model for a year now, though, and my husband is still using it.


Mount Vernon, OH


Great aerobic workout for a reasonable price!


Looking for a Great, Low Impact Aerobic Workout? I purchased a Nordic Track incline trainer last winter. I have used it extensively for a year and am extremely pleased with it. It comes with programmed workouts or you can create your own program. I run hills on alternate days and use the trainer on off-running days. It is a great aerobic workout and has helped me improve my fitness level. I would not run on it as the platform is shorter than that on a regular treadmill and not steady enough for a running workout. If you need to run I would recommend buying a regular treadmill. If you are looking for a great, low impact leg workout, however, this is a great piece of equipment. It goes from 0 - 40 % incline and you can certainly work up a sweat on a high incline even if you don't go fast. It has a good warranty and I have always been pleased with Nordic track service when there is a problem with the equipment. 


Emmaus, PA


Great workout but


This is a great treadmill. I bought this with the intention of following a couch to 5k program. And I am glad to say all is wall I have been on a nine week program so far I am on week 5. The treadmill is great for this program because I can keep track of time and distance which is a major part of the program as well as check your pulse but that does not always work so good. The incline is great on the treadmill I highly reccommend setting it at least to a two or else you will be in for a surprise when you go outside. Thats my only complaint but im sure its the same with any treadmill, that you train on the treadmill for weeks then you go outside and its a lot harder outside. Other then that which I think is normal since this is the only treadmill I have ever used. Its great and it automatically adjusts for the right speed based on your weight, another words if a heavy person walks on it a 3mph it might go slower then if someone light walks on it. But it adjusts for the weight change. very pleased.


Ormond Beach, FL


The only escercise maichine you will ever need.


I love this treadmill. I have lost 5 times more weight on this machine. More than I have everf lost on any other treadmill. The 40% incline is challenging at first, but within a couple of weeks you can see your muscles just bulge out. I burn double the calories in half the time with the incline than any other machine I have ran on. I also love the one touch speed and incline button. Makes it more convient during the excercise to transition. I also love the fact that the speed only changes every .1 mile an hour. Gives me a chance to slow down between repetitions. My whole family like it to. It hold up to 300 pouds which is great because my father is very heavyset. I also love the non-slip climbing deck. This is the first machine that I have ever owned with this feature. I also love to change my workout routine and the nine training incline workouts is perfect. You never know what combo you will get which is perfect because you lose more weight with this feature. I would reccomend this machine to anyone wanting to get toned.


Medford, OR


This will kick your butt!


It was a New Year's resolution (again) to get my butt back into shape. This year, I actually did something about it. I had a heck of a time knowing what treadmill to buy for my home. The treadmills that I liked were very expensive but the treadmills that I could afford were really chip looking. I know I needed something that was pretty powerful, I didn't necessarily need all the bells and whistles but I at least wanted something  that would allow me some speed and and an automatic incline system. So after an exhausting search I found the perfect machine for me. I was lucky too, I went to Nordic Tracks site and saw that I could get a Nordic Track Incline X3 trainer machine for only 1200.00 bucks and I could also finance for 6 months no finance. So, if I didn't like it I could send it back. I got it out of the box, there was some assembly but other than the fact it is pretty heavy, it was fairly easy to put together. It took two of us to put it together and it took about an hour and a half. It comes with a fan, MP3 ready, heart monitor sensors in the handles, it also has a place that you can purchase computer run training sessions and keeps track. The most popular out there is Jillian Micheal's however, they have several more. I tell you what, I can use the inclinder in less time around 15-25 minutes and get more results than running for an hour or more on a traditional tread-mill. You can make the programs as easy or difficult as you want but you will not be disappointed in the results. You will however, be sore the next day if you do it right. Before you know it, your losing weight and seeing results!


Sanford, FL


NordicTrack Incliner x3

4.6 7