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NordicTrack E7

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NordicTrack ellipitical E7.1 offers a great workout


My husband and I love to walk.  We try to put in 3 or 4 miles everyday. It's getting tougher as we get older and especially in the winter, to walk in the neighborhood.  We really didn't like having to get in the car and drive somewhere to walk so we did some research and looked around and bought this NordicTrack ellipitical E7.1 for our home workout room.  I love it.  It has turned out to be a much better workout than just walking and my knees and back don't hurt when I'm finished.  It's a little bigger than I thought it would be but that's OK because it does fold up if you need it too.  It's sturdy and runs smoothly, I had an exercise bike that was alot noisier than this elliptical is.  It has a variety of workout modes, and automatic resistances and ramp variations so you can choose what you want to do that day,  I thought I was in pretty good shape before, but now I'm thinking WOW!!!  I can hardly wait to see what kind of shape I'll be in when spring arrives. 

Bowling Green, KY


Love this machine


We recently purchased a Nordic Trac Elliptical after doing much research on the best home fitness product to use.  We were told by a lot of people the Elliptical is the best overall way to get a good daily workout so we gave it a try! I am not the kind of person that likes high impact exercises at all and have enjoyed using the elliptical for many reasons.  It is easy to use and your knees and ankles don't take a pounding like if you were to go for a run.  We have kids involved in sports and they like to use this machine when they haven't had any outside time to stay in shape and fill in the time when there is a break during their sports. My husband loves this machine and is working to lose some weight and said this is the best he has felt since starting an exercise program.  We would highly recommend using this equipment for staying in shape, losing weight or as part of a daily exercise routine.

Meridian, ID


NordicTrack E7

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