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NordicTrack E5 SI Elliptical Machine

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Great elliptical machine


The NordicTrack E5 SI Elliptical Machine is a great addition to my home exercise equipment. I purchased this piece of exercise equipment because I wanted to add a little variety to my exercise routine. I chose the NordicTrack E5 SI Elliptical Machine because I heard excellent things about the NordicTrack line of machines. I made the right choice. This elliptical machine is well constructed and sturdy. It stands up to frequent use and rigorous workouts. This machine is easy to operate and the movements are very smooth. This elliptical does not "catch" and it allows you to make fluid movements as you exercise. I like how you can adjust the resistance very easily and really increase the intensity of your workout. Overall, I am very impressed with the NordicTrack E5 SI Elliptical Machine and would highly recommend this machine to a friend! Performance This machine is amazing! I get a thorough workout when I use it.



Great machine for the price.


This is a review of the NordicTrack E5 Si Elliptical. This is a great machine for the price. It comes fully equipped with several pre-loaded programs and also includes a free iFit card that has 3 different programs on it. The "medium" level programs however are quite difficult, much more difficult than the Precor Elliptical Machine I use at the local gym. I found myself having to start at a lower skill level than I expected. However, because of this, I found myself wanting to workout more to build myself up to the level I thought I should be at. The machine takes a long time to assemble, be warned. It comes in a small box in about a million pieces. One of the pieces would not fit so we had to get a replacement part before even being able to use it. The machine does squeak frequently as use increases, but I'm not sure if this is the machine or just poor assembly. All in all, this is a great machine that I enjoy using. I hope this has been helpful for you!

Pittsburgh, PA


NordicTrack E5 SI Elliptical Machine

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