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NordicTrack CX 990

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The Nordic Track CX 990 is a great machine!!


If you're like me and a little coordination challenged than the Nordic Track Eliptical is the machine for you. I know, I tried doing those cool aerobic classes at the gym too, and if you were like me you were fumbling around in the back of the class....hoping no one would notice as you flailed around looking like a fish out of water. So as I crept out of the back of the room, for the tenth time, I finally decided that aerobics were not for me. The elipticals were just becoming "all the rage" so I decided to try one...and it was like coming home. But still being the coordination challeged person that I was I didn't want to go to the gym so I started looking into elipticals and decided on the Nordic Track CX 990. It was reasonably priced and looked pretty sturdy. Being sturdy was one of my main buying points as I had pruchased others that became very rickety and noisy after the first month or so of use. I have been nothing but ecstatic with this machine. It has held up well with a couple years of use, no creaking or maintenance needed and it still works like a champ...those builders at Nordic Track know what they're doing!! All of the electrical is still in perfect working order and it is a very well put together machine. It has a lot of moving space yet doesn't take up much space of its own. I would recommend this model and would say that the company definitely knows what they are doing!

Redlands, CA


NordicTrack CX 990

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