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NordicTrack C900i Treadmill


Hop on the Advanced Cushioning NordicTrack Treadmill for a Healthier You

Built for maximum results, the NordicTrack C900i advanced cushioning treadmill with its heavy-duty motor performs like a champ mile after mile. Boasting advanced cushioning that offers hard and soft surface options, you get to control your comfort. A vast workout library with iFit® technology lets you choose your workout. Add a wireless module, and you’ve got workout tracking, running and walking routes powered by Google Maps, as well as workouts for weight loss, race training and fitness that control your treadmill’s speed and incline automatically.

An excellent in-home trainer, the advanced cushioning NordicTrack treadmill is a big, solid investment that’s easily controlled with one touch buttons. Get better results as you master your heart rate training with the included NordicTrack® wireless chest strap and track your progress on a backlit 6 inch display. This machine leaves you with no option, but to get on and get fit.

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Pretty good product


I have previously purchased this Nordic Track C900i Treadmill and it was really good for my first time purchasing a treadmill. First of all this product is priced very reasonable and it is not made cheaply either so the price was the first thing that sold me. Second, this treadmill folds up for easy storage so it will fit in almost any room and when i am done I just fold it up and put it in the corner. This treadmill plugs into the wall and it is electronically run so when I am running on it it keeps up with how many miles I have walked or run and also how many calories I have burned. This helps me know how much of what I have eaten I am burning on this machine. I like that I can set it for a certain time or also I can set the difficulty of the track I run or I can manually control it and up the speed and lower the speed myself. This NordicTrack Treadmill is definitely a great addition to any workout or exercise room. The only reason I gave it an eight is because after a while it became not so level so sometimes when I step up on it it lifts off the ground and that is the reason I purchased a more heavy duty one when I was able to afford it.



NordicTrack Treadmill


This is a great treadmill for anyone interested in steady cardio workouts. I am a mother of two children and I work out at twice a week. I have a gym membership and a home gym and I love using the NordicTrack c900iTreadmill. I have three NordicTrsck pieces at home and I use them constantly when I am at the gym. This is the perfect treadmill for a low impact cardio workout or for someone who is just starting out. You can also use a variety of settings that are still physically challenging for a more intense workout routine as well. NordicTrack does not disappoint and overall it's a great machine for everyone! It is nice and modern and works great for hooking up a usb or fitness tracking device. The treadmill is pretty big but it still fits nicely in our weight room without taking over. We have not taken it down since we initially put it up but it would store fine in a closet.



NordicTrack C900i Treadmill

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