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NordicTrack C1800 Treadmill

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Hoover Conquest works very well


With a large family and our vacuum almost always in use, I have found that I finally found the ideal cleaner in the Hoover Conquest Bagless. There is nothing worse than finishing up cleaning a room to find the bag is full and no spares to be had. Wonderful vacuum that the whole family seems to use.

San Jose, CA


Sorry I have a Hoover 1800010 Bagless Upright Vacuum Sweeper.


I purchased a Hoover C1800010 Bagless Upright Vacuum Sweeper and I am not pleased with it.  The only good  thing I can say about the vacuum sweeper is that it does do a good job of vacuuming my carpets.  Using it is another whole story.  It is heavy and awkward to push.  It is quite expensive and I thought I was making  a good investment as the sweeper would clean thoroughly, would be user friendly,  and would be a sweeper I would have for a long time.  It does clean thoroughly but it is  not user friendly and I am not sure that I will have it for a long time.   I absolutely hate the bagless feature.  It is so very mess to empty the dirt cup and I find that to keep some of the mess down it is necessary for me to rinse out the dirt cup to cut down on the amount of dust and dirt from floating out and back into my house.  I often take the dirt cup outside and empty the cup to prevent dust and dirt particles from flying about my freshly vacuumed rooms.  The vacuum sweeper is heavy and difficult for me to maneuver, so whenever I can, I ask my husband to please do the vacuuming.  It does have a very long cord--50 feet long--but it can get in your way.  This feature is good as you do not have to plug and unplug your sweeper.  This is a man's vacuum sweeper and not one designed for use by women.  No, I would not recommend this Hoover sweeper.  I have owned and used  Hoover before, and liked them so I decided to go with Hoover again.  This model, however, I do not like.

small town, OH


Long Lasting, Average Treadmill


This treadmill is a pretty typical, average treadmill. Doesn't seem to have a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles, but it gets the job done. We have had this treadmill for years (about 8) and the thing still runs like a charm. Even despite having a fan dropped on it. One thing that DOES NOT work on the machine is the heart monitor. It has two little hand held bars you can place your hands on to monitor your heart rate. These are totally ineffective and I often get crazy results like 48 beats per minute (yeah right). So if you are really monitoring your heart rate or trying to stay below a certain BPM, use a backup method to monitor. It comes with two fat burning programs, two aerobic programs and two programs you can customize based on your needs/height/weight/age etc. I am a huge fan of the programs! They allow you to just run and not focus on changing buttons, speeds, incline etc. My husband, however, would rather just run and change pace and incline at his discretion. This treadmill works great for that as well. I believe it goes up to 10 MPH and the incline gets pretty steep. The distance, calories burned, fat burned etc. is not accurate depending on your gender, weight and height. I believe it is calibrated to account for an average sized man, so since I weigh much less than a typical adult male, my calories and fat burned are often reported as being more than they are in reality. I simply monitor these and my heart rate with a watch, so this isn't a big concern for me. Overall, we have been happy with this treadmill. It has lasted 8 years with two adults using it pretty frequently and always works well. It doesn't have crazy features like some machines, but it is effective for those who like to run in any kind of weather, day or night in privacy.

Draper, UT


Norda Track Treadmill


This treadmill has worked for my purposes. I enjoy runnning but do not like running in the winter because the cold and snow and ice on the ground so I use it while the weather is bad. I am more of a distance runner than sprinter and I would not recommmend this treadmill for a sprinter. We actually but it used and I don't know whether the person before we had it broke it or it came like this but it doesn't work as well on the top speeds. One of the best things about this treadmill is that it folds, we don't have a giant house so we need all the space we have so the fact that it folds is really nice. I also like to read while I am running or walking so it is nice to have a book holder. Although when you have the book in the holder it covers the speed,distance, calories, etc, which actually I like because then I forget how far I running and just enjoy it but I can imagine that might annoy some people.

Orem, UT


NordicTrack C1800 Treadmill

3.0 4