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NordicTrack 2700 Treadmill

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I love my treadmill!


I bought a Nordic Track 2700 treadmill nearly a year ago and I am proud to say that it has not become an object to hang my clothes on.  I am on the treadmill about three times a week on average.  I like that there is a power incline control, just to mix things up.  I also like the iFit program which allows me to vary my routine and not get bored.  The treadmill is heavy, so you will definitely need two strong people to help you set it up, I just paid for the guys from Sears for delivery and setup.  I also got a mat to put under the treadmill so I wouldn't ruin the carpet.  I set up the treadmill in my bedroom which is a good reminder for me to use it.  If it were in the basement, I could easily forget about it.  Even after a year, I am still enjoying this purchase which says a lot for me because I am not one who loves to exercise.

Sterling, VA


NordicTrack 2700 Treadmill

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