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Fish Oil
Nordic Naturals
Nordic Naturals Children's DHA Softgel Supplement

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Toddler Eats Them Right Up


I bought these for my toddler because I think getting dha and fish oils is essential for a healthy diet, and we are vegetarian, so we don't get them any other way. I have been researching the link between cod liver oil and healthy teeth/enamel production, so I tried out these softgels to get some fish oil in my toddler's diet. The directions aren't clear on whether you should get your toddler to swallow them whole or if it's okay to chew them up. Well, I tried to get her to swallow them, but she didn't understand the concept. They have a sweet flavor (on the outside at least) and she bit down on them time and time again and still ate them. I wasn't brave enough to try and bite one open myself because I can't stand fish oil, and since she wasn't bothered by it, I didn't see the need. She ate it up and commented that it was very tasty, and was always happy to have another the next day. So these are toddler-approved in taste. Edited to add that our daughter has bee taking these for about a month, and she still eagerly eats them and asks for more. So the taste must be okay.



Nordic Naturals Children's DHA Softgel taste of strawberries


I received a sample of Nordic Naturals Children's DHA Softgel Supplement in the mail. Sometimes it is hard to get children to take tablets, so these being softgels are a good idea. I had to try one myself as it states on the packet that they have a 'Great Strawberry Taste'. Somehow they have coated them with the strawberry, and I could taste it as it went down. I don't even bother to have them with water, as they slide so easily. My cholesterol and triglycerides are on the high side, so I am always looking for something new to take. There were 4 in the package, and they didn't give directions so I am taking 1 a day. They are made from 100% Arctic Cod Livers, and all you taste is strawberries.

New Port Richey, FL


Nordic Naturals Children's DHA Softgel Supplement

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