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Norcent Technologies
Norcent Technologies - DC-1020 Digital Camera Digital Camera

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My Norcent digital camera is the perfect memory catcher.


 My fiance bought me my Norcent digital camera for my 30th birthday last month and it's the greatest give (aside from my children) I've ever received.  I can do so many things with pictures with my camera, black and white, color tinted, with out having to spend time sitting at my computer.  It's all right there in the camera.  The pictures are clear and it's so easy to use.  Even my 4 year old can take pictures and not get confused.  It was the perfect gift for the birthday I've been dreading.  It has a rechargable lithium battery so my batteries aren't dead when I want to get the perfect picture, like yesterday when my daughter decided to try to climb the Christmas tree. 

Steelville, MO


Great Camera, Poor Company - BEWARE


I loved my camera, the batteries draining quickly was it's only down-fall, but still worth the photo quality. However, something shorted out somewhere in the camera. Thankfully, it was under warranty, right? WRONG! The company does NOT answer phones, or call you back. They ignore your e-mails, or give you false information. All I wanted was a replacement, or to have it repaired. Now I feel like I've lost both good money and a good camera.

Pittsburgh, PA


Norcent Technologies - DC-1020 Digital Camera Digital Camera

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