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Nor-Cal Beverage
Nor-Cal Beverage - Go Girl Energy Drink

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Be kind to people.


Love this product.  Would like to see more sugar free flavors though.  I am diabetic so limited to only the one. I love the packaging and the causes it supports.  The flavor is great and it is gives nice engery, not too much or too little.  Way to go Girl!


Renton, WA




   I first tried this when I was at a few tapings of TRL during the summer two years ago. The place the show was being taped had reps there passing it out. Lets just say, I stalked up! I loved the girly look, and I loved the flavor! I looked everywhere for it after that, and it took some time, but I finally found one nasty store that had it, and I bought a ton!    Its cute, it's pink, its low calories, it's energy, AND it supports breast cancer awareness and finding a cure. What more could you ask for?!


San Diego, CA


an affront to women's intelligence


The advertising campaign for GoGirl energy drink degrades the intelligence of women. The ad asks "why do you drink go girl", and the woman replies "because I'm a single mom". Ridiculous! That is not a reason to drink it, rather only demographic branding on the part of the company. The seller of the product denigrates the woman's mind by assuming a woman cannot think of a real reason to drink it but rather she only has a herd mentality and will drink it because supposedly other women with a similar demographic profile drink it.This company's marketing method is an affront to women's intelligence.


Los Angeles, CA


You Go, Girl! I dig this shocking pink sugar-free drink.


I'm not going to lie about this - I bought Go Girl energy drinks because the cans are pink and say "Beautiful Energy" along the rim. My consumption of one energy drink per day is fairly habitual at this point, so why shouldn't it be Beautiful Energy in a color that flatters my skin tone? Go Girl was also on special for much less than I expect to pay for energy drinks per unit, and they were not only sugar-free, but also the label boasted SUPER CITRIMAX (the caps are theirs, trust me), "a mild herbal appetite suppressant." No matter what she admits to the public, what girl isn't interested in a mild herbal appetite suppressant? As if that weren't enough, this can is pink and just for girls, so there is a very good chance that - yes! just as I suspected - these drinks sport a pink ribbon indicating a portion of the proceeds are donated to breast cancer research. Clearly, as a 20-something girl spread thinner than light cream cheese on a high-fiber bagel, I'm smack dab in the middle of Go Girl's targeted demographic. I was powerless against their market research when it came to the initial purchase, but did I like the drinks enough to buy again? As a matter of fact, I did. With all due love and respect for the stuff that gets me through the day, most energy drinks taste horrible - especially the sugar-free varieties I choose. Go Girl isn't half bad. The flavor is somewhere between cherry soda and Hi-C, definitely fake and fruity but not cloyingly sweet, and just effervescent enough not to be Kool-Aid. While it tastes best just out of the fridge, it doesn't make me gag if I don't finish within five minutes. I find most energy drinks effective as appetite suppressants, and Go Girl is not exceptional in this way, but it does work as much as any of the others do. This is fine with me, because although I am cool with my weight, I am often too busy or preoccupied to eat some meal or other. My line of work is hands-on and service oriented, and it doesn't do to let my stomach growl right in the clients' ears. It also doesn't do to let my clients know I am having a bad day, since they come to me to escape from their own stress and problems. These drinks have a mood-lifting effect that allows me to remain serene and cheerful so my clients can relax. If you paste www.gogirlenergy.com into your browser, the site will try to fill your pretty little head with propaganda about how this is a beverage filled with vitamins and miracle nutrients, containing only 150mg of caffeine. Since a grande coffee at Starbucks contains 550 mg of caffeine, this is a fairly low dosage for the average young and cranked-up American. It is worth mentioning that other energy drinks, such as Monster, actually contain less caffeine per ounce than Go Girl, but no amount of coffee has ever provided me with the instant buzz, focus, and euphoria I find at the bottom of every energy drink, so the boost is clearly derived from something else. Is it the 1200 mg of Taurine? The 150 mg of Inositol? The 300 mg of something mysterious called Garcinia Gambogia Extract? I Googled all those things, and on their own they seem to be anassuming sources of mood stabilization, balancers, and hunger suppressants. The devil is in the distribution, apparently. No matter what the websites say, don't forget that something powerful can happen when you consume these drinks. People with chemical imbalences or fragile health conditions can experience terrible side effects. Fortunately for me, I am a paragon of mental stability and physical health, and slurp my drugs down with impunity. One day, I took a Go Girl out of the fridge to take to work with me, and I accidentally left it on the kitchen table. When I got home, I had a pounding headache. (Caffeine withdrawals, you say? How dare you!) Pouring the slightly warm Go Girl over ice took care of that, and also reminded me that the only other time I've had an energy drink on the rocks, I was at Club Silk and the drink was half vodka. The seeds of inspiration took root. After I put my toddler to bed, I experimented with a shot of vodka in a glass of Go Girl and ice. I declare this endeavor a success, and would have had more if such conduct weren't unseemly of a single mother on a Wednesday night. I drink energy drinks because they are easier than brewing or buying coffee, and pack a more stimulating punch per gulp. Since they are so functional to me, my stand-by will continue to be the Lo-carb Monsters sold in bulk at Costco. However, if I could snap my fingers and will those Monsters to become any other drink in the world, I would wish for Go Girl. In this fantasy, Go Girl drinks would come in 16 and 24 oz. sizes instead of just 12. As they are, I find Go Girls worthy of keeping around for special occasions when I want something tasty as well as stimulating. If I can get a babysitter, I may even dust off my bottle of vodka and pretend I have partying to do.


Escondido, CA


Nor-Cal Beverage - Go Girl Energy Drink

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