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n93 is phone of his generation


Nokia, the N93 is a true revolution. Indeed, it attacks a function hitherto neglected by all mobile phone manufacturers : the video. Where the best terminals have a video resolution of 0.1 Megapixel , 0.3 Megapixel displays the N93 . Also, movies are recorded at 30 frames per second . What make videos of quality approaching that of some entry-level camcorders. design side, the N93 also plays the camera board with a swivel screen. The unit thus stands as a real camcorder. Closely linked to the video, the picture is not left since the sensor has a resolution of 3.2 megapixels with autofocus. And for connections , Nokia sold out : Edge, 3G and WiFi. True precursor , the N93 can it really replace your camera and normal camera?



Trust the bad reviews!


Before I got this phone, I read through A LOT of reveiws on Verizon's website. There were a fair amount that were 5 stars, but most were 3 or below. Because I thought the phone looked cool and that most reviews were decent, I decided to try it. Here's my story: exactly one week after getting it, it broke at the swivel point. The guy at Verizon said they couldn't do anything for me, so I went another two weeks with a twisty tie going through it. I decided to try Verizon again since I was quite irritated that my brand new phone was so bad after a week. This time the manager decided to give me a new one (after a lot of complaining and a 30 mintue wait). This time, the phone has worked fine. However, the battery life declinded severly after a few months (it only lasts about six hours before dying). I got a replacement battery and same thing happened. Plus! It's so stupid that when the battery is low, the phone beeps at me once a minute (literally, once a minute) and the screen lights up telling me that the battery is low. It would seem that a phone shouldn't continue to use it's power up if the battery is already low! That and a lot of other stupid features on the phone make me HAAATE this phone, and I would highly advise you to take heed to my review and all the other negaitve reviews out there and don't get this phone!

Topeka, KS


A good phone but not the best...


I purchased this phone mostly because it reminded me of a blackberry. I'm too cheap (and broke!) to add the stupid data plan onto my plan because I doubt I would use it and I think it's a waste of money. The main reason I wanted a blackberry is because I like the look and feel of them - I don't need it for email, I don't need internet, I don't need to view documents or download special apps. I already have an iPod Touch and I use it for all of those things. I just wanted a phone that was sleek, modern, with a full keyboard, easy to use, and portable. My last phone was an LG enV - I upgraded *right* before the enV 2 came out. The enV was a great phone but it was bulky, thick, and heavy and very dated looking. I knew I needed something new. I have had this phone for nearly a month now and I feel I have had it long enough to write a fully educated review. When it comes to a product that a person will be forced to use for a couple years (until they are able to upgrade) I feel it's important to know as much as possible. Here's the basic run down: **The Pros** - Thin, cute, SMALL, and very stylish - Shorter keyboard (shorter than the long boards that you may find on the enV, enV2, enV3, and enV Touch) is great for texting with one hand. With longer boards, one hand texting can be difficult. - Unique, twist open design - Habitat Mode - very unique and fun to use - see rest of review below - Customizable light ring helps people who forget that they received texts or calls if they were unable to answer them at the time. The colors in which it lights up are customizable to match your contacts. - 3 megapixel camera with flash - Bluetooth - MP3 player - good if you use your phone for that - Great shortcut keys on keyboard - access txt messaging, music, internet, voice commands, speakerphone, and camera/video camera. - Upto 16GB of removable memory - Compatible with several apps - VZ Navigator, corporate email, mobile email, visual voicemail, City ID, Family Locator, and more. - Decent ringtones included on phone - Backplate can be changed and customized - phone comes with a black plate and a purple plate **The Cons** - Battery life is SHORT - For 3 MP, the camera is NOT the best - The "chrome" on the phone attracts fingerprints and smudges - Phone feels a little flimsy - I haven't tested this, but I doubt it would withstand a drop onto a hard floor. - The touch keys (right and left soft keys) near the LCD display are easily pushed by accident which can be very annoying - txts can be cancelled, things can be purchased accidentally, etc. - Keys are kinda small - this phone is ideal for a woman with small fingers and/or medium length nails. Probably not the best for a guy. - It's kind of difficult to open the phone one handed because of the swivel. With a flip phone, a person can just wiggle their finger into the gap, but with this phone you have to push it hard enough so it opens all the way or it will swing close. This is a pain, but after a week or two it's easy to get the hang of it. I've had a few minor issues with this phone but I'm not sure if it's the phone or a faulty memory card I had in it. When I switched phones, I inserted my old memory card. It worked fine for a week or two and then my phone started acting weird. It would freeze up sometimes when I got pic messages. The backlight on the keys would turn on and off. When I tried to access my pics, it would freeze up. I removed the card and inserted it into the old phone and then the old phone would act weird too - wouldn't let me access anything and it would select things randomly, almost like it was in some kind of "demo" mode or something. It worked fine when I removed the card. So, I'm not sure if my new phone killed my card or the card messed up my phone. So far, everything's been fine so we'll see. I haven't gotten any pic messages for awhile either. This is just a heads up. My favorite thing about the phone is Habitat Mode. With this, you aren't able to choose a photo for your background or change colors around, but it's worth it. You can choose between 2 different habitats - Urban and Superhero. I have yet to use Urban because I didn't like the preview of it, but with Superhero you are able to assign cute little superhero avatars to the people on your contact list. You can customize the avatars with different colors. Each time someone calls you or messages you, their avatar pops up on your screen. By pressing the down directional key, you can view the last 3 calls/messages sent or received from the person and you can also call them or message them back. You can also change or hide their avatar as well. By pressing the up directional key AFTER pressing the down key, you can view and access the last five people who you received/sent calls or messages. My only wish would be that the phone had more than 2 habitats to choose from - or would at least give the option of allowing the user to download/purchase additional habitats. The camera is AWFUL. Even if you hold the camera perfectly still, it still blurs. The photos also come out washed out and blah. With the way the phone is designed, it's very easy to accidentally have your finger in the way too which is really annoying. Another good thing about the phone is the weight and size. I can easily slip it into my pocket and forget it's there until it buzzes me. With my enV, it felt like my pants were going to fall down! The battery life is very short. I rarely use the phone to talk - and we don't have a landline phone in our house. We prefer to txt people because everyone we know has a cell so it's easier that way. At most, I talk about 30 mins a week. I do have mobile email (free with my plan) which sends a reminder whenever I get an email. Trying to figure out how to turn that off. But other than that I don't really use the phone a whole lot. Don't surf the net, don't usually check email. The battery still is only half full by the end of the day. The only other thing is that the touch keys are easily accidentally pushed. It's SO easy to accidentally push cancel when sending a txt or accidentally close things or purchase things. I have turned the sensitivity of the keys down and it has helped a little bit, but not a whole lot. I think it's because the keys are so close together because the light ring takes up so much space. I've gotten used to it though so there aren't as many accidents as before. One more quick thing - the light ring on the bottom right corner is **NOT** for you to put on your keychain or on a necklace or string. It's a light up contact ring - if you string something through it, you will damage it. A friend of mine permanently damaged hers because she thought it was for a key chain. It's not.

Harlan, IA


The Twist serves its purpose


The Nokia Twist is certainly an interesting phone.  It has an interetsing design  where you have to twist it to open it.  Hence, the name "Twist".  Really it's like a slide-type phone, but with a twist (see what I did there?).  The screen part of the phone turns to the side to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard underneath.  So, this phone is wonderufl for texting.  The buttons are big enough and it makes text messaging simple and easy.  The reception overall has been good.  The camera on the phone is not great though.  Overall, I would say that this phone is more geared towards females (plus the back of the twist side can be used as a mirror to check your makeup ladies).  If you are in the market for a smart phone, then this is not the phone for you.  But if you are looking for a simply phone that texts and makes calls, then this phone is perfect!  It is also pretty small, which is a huge plus! 

Highland Park, IL


Nokia Twist is CUTE phone


I have a Nokia Twist.  I didn't pick this phone on  purpose, but it was a consilation prize after I went through four crappy phones.  So on the fourth return, the guy helping me said that I could trade the crappy one for the Nokia Twist.  I like the phone because of the size and shape.  It is just a little square and it fits nicely into a little pocket in my purse (so I don't loose it). It twist up which is unique.  It also has the capability to assign avatar to friend, but I didn't like that option so I chose to turn the "habitat" off. The problem with the phone are it's size.  It is easy to loose and drop.  When you drop the phone the back pops off that the battery will fly out.  I have also had troubles with the phone locking up.  If I were to try to send a picture right after taking the picture the phone would lock up and I would have to take the battery out to turn it off.  The power button would not turn the phone off.  But after repowering the phone i would be able to send the picture message just fine.  Overall, I love the phone.  I have gotten so many compliments and also it has been a great conversation starter.

Warner Robins, GA


Uniquely designed phone, but horrible camera quality!


I recently switched carriers over to Verizon wireless, where this Nokia Twist was free with activation. It claimed to have a brilliant 3.0 megapixel camera with flash, of course among many other features. I'll start by saying that the phone itself is quite unique, and i love the design: before opening it, it's a simple square, with a hole that almost looks like you can hook it on your keychain, with touch screen front (with the exception of the "OK" button), and when opened, still keeps the uniqu design with a qwerty keyboard and shortcut buttons along the top. When I look at cell phones, the first feature I look for is a phone with a decent camera and a flash, because I am **constantly** flicking pics every chance I get. A camera with 3 megapixels with a flash sounded like it would be a good upgrade from my old phone which had 2 megapixels and no flash. I started out taking pictures to test it out without the flash, and it did alright. Even on high resolution picture mode, it looked a little fuzzy. I then proceeded to turn the flash on, and when I did, I was terribly disappointed. The flash not only made the pictures appearmore fuzzy looking, but it made the picture look like it had a snow film on it. I truely was disgusted. I would recommend this phone for the savvy phone user who doesn't take pictures very often, but if you're a picture freak like me, I would strongly NOT suggest this phone!

Youngstown, OH


I love it...but I wish I would've gotten a better phone.


I got this phone a few months ago and I am over-all happy with it. Before, I had a LG Voyager. I hated it with a passion. When i first got the Nokia Twist, I loved it but then things started going wrong. I've had it replaced twice. First, the keys just stopped working. Second, the display wouldnt turn on. So, in other words, I like it but as soon as i can replace it, i will.

Lake Orion, MI


The nokia twist is fun and cute!


The Nokia twist is a sweet looking phone! It's small when not open then you twist it open and you have a full size keyboard which i LOVE! I love to text and hated have to use my old phone when the letters are on the number pads. That was a big pain to use. Now i twist and type away! Cause of it's shape and style you'll be getting lots of comments on it!! On the face of the phone it has two places on it that are touch and a middle button that is just a regular button. I like the touch buttons alot  and they do turn off when you are talking on the phone so your cheek cant push on them. I've had a few people tell me that after they would twist their phone's open over a while the phone got loose and broke off. I haven't had that problem so far but i can see if you are texting alot and you keep twisting it open and shut where it could do that. The camera on the phone works pretty well. The only con i've had is If there is not alot of light you will get a pretty dark picture. Other then that it has been the perfect phone for my 21 year old self!!

Mattawamkeag, ME


Cutest Avatars


I just bought the Nokia Twist from a Verizon store. I love cutesy things so this is perfect for me. I love how it's easy to manipulate and it looks like a mini flat TV. I have never had a phone like this. The camera quality is decent. I can personalize avatars to look like my friends and family. The battery quality is great (lasting me about 4 days with a bunch of texting, calls, taking pics, etc.) Personally, this is a bit kiddish, but I still love it. However, I have to say the touch pad is a bit sensitive and you have to have some what small fingers to type. This is also a finger print magnet. You should have some wipes handy. And also one bad thing is that you have to slide the phone open to pick up calls. I prefer to have a phone that you can press a button to pick up. This phone also has a nice design with a circle on the right that lights up. Totally cute.

Daly City, CA



3.6 9