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Nokia XpressMusic Cell Phone

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The Nokia 5130 is a tough little performer.


I purchased the Nokia XpressMusic 5130 Cell Phone back in June of 2009 to replace my previous Nokia cellphone, which I accidentally ran over with my car.  Since then, I have been extremely pleased with the 5130.  For those who are looking for a cellphone that has simple features performed reliably, then this is it.  The Good:  Although the screen is not big and touch-based, it is nonetheless vibrant and clear enough for what it's worth.  Reception was always excellent and I had no problems with Bluetooth connectivity.  Comes with a micrSDHC card at 2gb, which is always upgradeable.  The great thing about the 5130 is it's size.  It is small and compact, constructed from plastic that is both sturdy and solid.  Speaker volume is tinny at times but loud enough.  I use it regularly in my morning jogs, and even though I have another cell phone now, I still use the 5130 as an mp3 player.  In fact, I've got tons of audiobooks loaded on a 16gb microSDHC and I hook it up to my car's audio system and listen to a wide variety of audiobooks while on the road to meet with clients.  It is now 2011 and the phone still functions well without a glitch - not many phones can do that nowadays.  Battery life is awesome, I can play my audiobooks for nearly 16 hours straight before needing a recharge.  The Bad:  Limited features.  Forget about surfing the web, the screen is too small, and with the keypad layout, surfing is too cumbersome.  All in all, a solid cellphone both in build and performance.  6.5 out of 10 for me.

Alhambra, CA


This Nokia Xpress is awesome!


This phone is great. If you do not like touch screen key boards like I don't, this phone does not have it. With the push buttons, you are able to type anything fast without any lag of a touchscreen. It has perfect sound for your music. It won't sound distant or scratchy. Buying this phone would be available to any who are willing to pay for less than most phones. This cellular device allows the user to take pictures and send them with no hassle. For those who like to keep there phones protected, it comes with a screen cover and finding a cell phone protector is easy. If I were able to buy this phone, this would be the first I would purchase. If you recommend this phone to anyone, tell them how easy and fast it is. There is no hassle when it comes to loading the internet or typing messages. In this day and age, providers are coming out with new touch screen phones with faster speeds. I wouldn't believe the hype. Almost all phones will lag at some point with all its tech. I say keep it plain and simple.

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Nokia XpressMusic Cell Phone

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