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Nokia Surge Smartphone

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Nokia Surge surges to greatness!


I've had this phone for almost 2 years now and love it!  It packs a lot of features into a very small package.  The phone size is perfect.  A slim build that fits nicely into a pocket, but without sacrificing screen size. The phone is ridiculously customizable in terms of the menus, shortcuts, and overall look of the screen.  I've got it set up just right for quick access to messaging, photos, email, and internet. The built-in web browser does the job.  Some complicated pages will not load properly, but any website set up for mobile browsing works fine. I did not like the email software that came with the phone and instead installed Nokia Email Messaging.  The phone is set up to easily install outside programs. Hardware-wise, the phone has a really comfortable slide-out feature, a very excellent camera and even video recorder, and built-in GPS that works great (download the Google app to enjoy the GPS feature for free).  The battery life is great, even after 2 years, and the sound during calls is above average. Overall, I found this to be a terrific and compact smartphone.

Chicago, IL


nokia surge great for internet


The nokia surge is a decent smartphone. The phone call quality is low and I have had some static issues since switching to this phone. I like this smartphone better than my previous because of the video option. You can watch videos on youtube or take videos with the built in camera. I did not like the fact that the phone came with an app called juicecaster which is supposed to connect you to all the networking sites but when you go to sign up they arent taking new registrations. You cant delete the prestore games and apps either. The ease of learning this phone was rather simple and it offers mobile email, you can download apps, and games as well. The slide out keyboard is perfect for texting and also easy to search the web with. The built in realplayer allows you to watch and do more online than a normal phone. For the price this phone is worth the cost. It could you some upgrades but great job nokia!

Camp Lejeune, NC


Its great


So I've been using the Nokia Surge from many months and its the best cell phone I have ever used. The screen is large and easy to read things. The full size keyboard is easy to operate and many different functions. The abilities and function that come on the cell phone are easy and very understanding to use. The battery life last for 2 1/2 days, even when used all day long. The themes and wallpapers are easy to understand and changable, or you can down load new ones. The camera features are great. Clear and crisp pictures or even videos. Comes with lots of apps and internet loads quick and easily. Music player is clear and great. From all cell phones I have ever used or had, the Nokia Surge is by far my favorite one. It does everything and anything I want it to use. Its the perfect size, not too big and not too small. Easy to understand and set up to your preference. Blue tooth is easy set up. Nothing negative about this cell.

Tulsa, OK


Nokia Surge Smartphone

4.3 3