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Great Tools in a Windows Package


Great phone to own. I am a big fan of the phone's Tile interface. Many off the apps that you turn into tiles can be resized to fit your preference and many have useful "Live Tile" features that give you up-to-date info based on the app. Featured Windows apps like XBox Music are fantastic, even if it leaves something to be desired compared to its Zune predecessor. A happy surprise was the camera. Even though the ads toted the presence of the camera, I've never owned a smartphone that made me pay it much mind. But the camera on this device is great. I'm not a professional photographer but I am impressed by how well the phone takes pictures and the quality they come in. Certainly a great bonus for me. Normal phone functions, like call quality, are spot on. Services like Skype connect great with Verizon's network, video and audio wise. Apps like Hulu and Netflix are available so I can easily keep up with my TV watching. Super app aficionados might find it lacking in apps but I personally haven't felt that. By sheer numbers, the competition has the quantity. All-in-all, the phone does not leave me wanting. I have everything I want in this phone. The Windows-based services do great to keep me connected to the cloud, whether that's for my documents or pictures or music. Future iterations of this Nokia series can only get better.




Great Smart Phone for Moms


I am so happy I was able to upgrade from my old Nokia 5230 to a Nokia Lumia 925. It takes nice pictures and you can upload them to Skydrive. No more having to attach a USB dongle to retrieve your pictures. It's also great music and games. The only problem I had with the phone was that it couldn't connect to Xbox Games. However it could have been on Xbox's end. Overall I'm really pleased with this phone and would recommend it. Battery Life I am able to go for a day without charging however if you browse a lot with your phone you may have to charge sooner. Display/Screen Quality Screen is a decent size. Easy to read comments and post on social media. Call Quality Calls are clear and concise. Ease of Use If you know how you use Windows 8 it's pretty straight forward. Phone is all touch base. Durability I keep my phone in a case however it's been dropped once so far and it' fine. Design My phone came in white but you can customize it with skins as well as order it in other colors.


Williamstown, NJ


Nokia Smartphone

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