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Nokia Smartphone

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Nokia E75 is great for those turned off by Blackberries


The Nokia E75 is my current cell phone and it is very helpful as a college student. I did not want a Blackberry or a iPhone because they were a dime a dozen at college, but I needed a phone that was easy to use, had Wifi (because my parents disabled the text messaging capability on my plan), and had a keyboard. I needed the Wifi so that I can use the internet during classes and work so that be overtly bored. The OS isn't very fast, and when you run a couple of applications, it takes a while to get the browser up, but you are able to flip through the different applications by holding the Home button. What is awesome about this phone is that there are two keyboards, one the QWERTY keyboard, but there is also numerical keyboard in the front so that I did not have to slide the keyboard to to dial numbers, or use a touchpad to dial a number. The Nokia design is alwasy the utmost user-friendly which allows even my mother to use my computer (which may not be a good thing).

San Francisco, CA


The Nokia E75 cell phone is sleek withfull keyboard


The NOKIA E75 is a sleek high tech phone,that comes in bright colors.  The phone is wonderful for texting with a ful keyboard. It is a 3g phone with internet capabiity,and also has a camera.  This phone is priced reasonably..

Belen, NM


Nokia Smartphone

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