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Nokia Smartphone

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Really "smart" phone


I haven't used an I-Phone before but I can't believe that I-Phone can have even close to the computing poer N900 has.  You can work on multiple applications at one time, just like you do on a computer, use a great camera, listen to great music, and do whatever else you like doing.  The only problem I've faced util now is low battery life, which is somewhat predictable for a mobile device that lets one use multiple applications together.  

Stamford, CT


best nokia phone


As the title says it is the best nokia high-end phone in the market . With 32gb memory , 5 mpx camera , large touchscreen and linux based operating system , it is more than a smartphone .It is a computer.  So coming to the smartphone features , this is the first phone with Meego operating system from Nokia (Nokia uses Symbain for other mid and high end phones ) . The touch is good better than the other Symbian based nokia phones but is still not comparable to android or even iphone . Other than that , there is hardly any lag due to the powerful processor and GPU provided by nokia. The camera is decent and there is a small stand around the camera which pops out allowing the phone to stand while watching videos and other operation . It also has physical qwerty keyboard is provided which speeds up typing compared to using the on-screen keyboard. Overall it is a good phone except the user-interface part . and meego based upon linux allows you to run various other apps   

Springfield Gardens, NY


only buy if you're willing to put in the time


this is an unfinished product. the nokia n900 hardware and spec-wise, is VERY impressive for it's time. when it was released in 2009, 800x480 WVGA resolution, integrated skype, integrated google chat was very impressive. then came the OS. Maemo is ONLY good if you plan on spending hours on it to get any sort of usability out of it. the n900 is like a blank pallette. you do with it as you wish. if you just want it for email and skype and web browsing, then that's fine. if you want to do anything else (i.e. any sort of app store, any customization) you will probably want to be at least somewhat familiar with the debian linux world. i can't give this phone a recommendation just because it feels SO unfinished. plus, the phone has a resistive screen. really, a RESISITVE SCREEN! not cool. the browser though is awesome--it's like a real PC browser.

Rowland Heights, CA


THE phone for Geeks


By far the best Nokia purchase i have ever made. The nokia N900 is a dream come true for a computer enthusiest like me. With a built in 32 Gb memory arm8 processor its built to do anything. It can be overclocked to 1.15Ghz. its like having a mini comuter in your pockets. The flexibility it has is amazing I run the native maemo operating system as well as android, ubuntu and windows 95. add a bit of software form the mameo repositories and your set with the best phone ever. Its linux based giving the user the choice to change so much about the experiance with just a few commands. It comes its on screen and built in keybord which is amazing by the way easy to use and type in. Whats also amazing about this phone is that it has skype gmail, facebok and other newtworks embeded into your contacts of your phone. so all you have to do is have internet connetion and you can make free skype or gmail calls. I call over seas for free all the time. Its an amazing phone and its worth the money. if your going to buy a phone buy the n900 you will not be dissapointed!

Falls Church, VA


N900: A Geek's best friend


This phone is built for, meant for and bought by geeks. But first, let's start with the screen. It's not Super AMOLED like the Samsung Galaxy S, but it does have the SAME exact screen resolution, a 800x480 pixel count, as the Galaxy S phones. The screen works really well outside in the sun and there is not a very prominent glare like the Iphone. The slider keyboard is nice to use, but if you have large fingers it will take some getting used to as the top row of the keyboard is very close to the bottom of the screen. The entire phone is a little bulky. Now for software. The phone runs on Maemo 5, an open source operating system from Nokia. That being said, it has the BEST internet browser out there by far. For a phone that came out a year ago, it has flash and can run youtube videos. However, the phone is mostly limited to portrait mode and getting out of the menu is not user intuitive. However, this phone is meant to be hacked. You can boot android, linux and Meego on it, but it's not for the faint of heart. In any case, this phone is great if you plan on spending time hacking it and unlocking all its features as it will do MUCH more than any current handset on the market, but this is NOT a phone for the average consumer.

Berkeley, CA


good for techies


The device is comfortable to hold, however, is no lightweight with his 183g. Compared to currently fashionable devices like the , iPhone and Motorola Milestone is hardly felt heavier. Anyone who wants a lightweight mobile phone with a similar inner life should wait a few more years until there are such devices in lightweight construction. As of today, the often-criticized weight and thickness of the device is absorbed. This device is also comfortable in the hand, which now may sound a little irritating, rests, therefore, that operating and maintaining the equipment by inviting not to neglect spin flights. It is handy and powerful in the hands, as befits a device in this price category and type. To design, which of course also constitutes a not insignificant share in the decision for or against a smartphone, it can be said that there is no magical beauty. It should not be overstated, for a classic black mobile phone is not necessarily the worst design option. It knows how to please and so, for running the equipment parts well together and give the dark, distinctive exterior a fitting touch. 

New York, NY


cost more but worth it !


This phone cost a little more but i think it was worth it. I no longer have trouble with reception like i did with my old phone. and the plan i got was better . Now if i just don't loss it i will be fine .

Branson, MO


Nokia Smartphone

4.0 7