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Nokia Smartphone

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Good Phone


Nokia brand is the brand I grew up with back in my country and this particular model was the phone that I really fell in love with, I just love the style, the colors, the screen size, the keyboard design and the camera. It was once the best phone ever and I will always like this model, it was like so hard for me to let go of this phone.



nokia = perfection


there is something so special about nokia phones that i cannot explain to you till you have one. overseas where i am from that is pretty much all we have and there are so many awesome nokia phones that you never see sold here. nokia is not intended, like samsung, to be so small and cute yet only work a couple of days and have bad reception. nokia phone are mean for stability not the way they look. this phone is so nice and it has so many features that i have never seen in any other phone, plus when you have a nokia phone you will have a hard time going back to anything else. as me i have always had a nokia phone. when i use another phone i get sick of it so much and i end up going back to my older model nokia phone. everyone makes fun of my phone because it's big and bulky but i don't care because i didn't get a cell phone to look cool or the way it looks or the color it looks, i got it because i  need it to talk on..

Dallas, TX


Durable- From my experience..


I am using this phone for the past 3.5 years. I do not need anything else to describe this. this 3.5 year talks a lot. This phone never cheated me. Always with me, long battery life. Very low heating. Internet availability etc etc.. This made my life a lotmore easier...

Tampa, FL


Good, but limited support from vendors


I love the Nokia E70, particularly the flip-out qwerty keyboard.  Unfortunately it is not supported by Goodlink or Blackberry Connect, which limits it's useability for business users... who would normally be it's target market.  Both companies applicaitons work with the E62, which has the same OS and is part of the same series of phones, but not with the E70.  Which makes no sense to me and is quite limiting..... why would you want to carry around a large blocky phone with a tiny keyboard, when you can have a smaller phone with a larger keyboard because it flips open?..... my answer:  I wouldn't.  Fortunately, it does do POP3, IMAP and SMTP for e-mail access, and google has made an application for GMail that works just fine.  If all else fails you can forward your work e-mail to your GMail and then respond from there.... but what a pain!  Still, the useability of the form factor beats anything else I've seen out there and for someone who's done enough thumb-typing for years to cause pain... the larger and widerset keys are a gift.According to wikipedia, this phone was "aimed at the high-end professional market".... rightly so... too bad neither RIM (Blackberry's maker) nor Goodlink kept up and support for this phone never came through.  With those 2 options available, this would be the perfect phone... without them it's usefulness for it's target buyers has been seriously hobbled.

Silver Spring, MD


Nokia Smartphone

4.5 4