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Nokia N82 Smartphone

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Great phone for its class!


I've bought this phone two years ago when it was first released and I've used it until 6 month ago when I finally decide to switch to a smart phone.  Nokia N82 is a very good phone in its class, although it's older now, but most of its functions still feels new.  Only thing it's missing is the touch screen and the qwerty keyboard, that's about it.  Otherwise, it have the best 5 megapixel camera in a cell phone for a long time.  There's not many that can rival its great picture quality even though it's only a 5 megapixel camera.  It even beat some new 8 megapixel camera side-by-side too.  There's a reason why this N82 still worth money in today's cell phone markets even though it's a two-three years old phone already.  It shows how good Nokia has done with this model.  If you are in the market for a great quality camera phone, then look no further in getting this Noka N82, you won't be disappointed!  I'll recommend this to anyone who likes a decent quality phone.

San Gabriel, CA


had it for 2 years and going strong!


one of my favorite nokia phone, i love the camera so much! It makes the N82 rather big though. The N82's housing is entirely made of plastic and to me it doesn't feel too solid. Still the Nokia N82 has a perfect hand-fit for calling as well as photographing. The buttons of the Nokia N-82 are a bit on the small side which makes it hard to quickly dial a number. The function buttons on the other hand are of a better size hence the easier operation. The camera lens is covered by a small plastic cover that has to be opened manually.The Nokia N82 has been equipped with a 3.7 Volt 1050mAh battery. The BP-6MT battery has a standby time of 225 hours and a talk-time of more than four hours according to the specifications. It also offers taking around 290 pictures and 10 hours of non-stop listening to music. The times indicated by Nokia are similar to the times we measured in practice. However, when a combination of functions is used these times will alter. If you plan to use these functions a lot, you might want to purchase an extra battery. So far i have some scratch on the phone but it still running fast and no problem, only the battery have some problem after two year, but i switch that a month ago and it is now all new again stand by back to normal.

Santa Cruz, CA


A great all-in-one phone for a great price...


This phone is a blast and I have it for years (2 years).  Everything had been engineered very good that you won't be looking for another phone, not unless there is a phone that it has copycat features with more capabilities. I am a very satisfied user from it's form factor down to its features. The greatest thing that they added to this phone is that it has a very good camera. Shooting in sunlight or even in the dark is possible with the help of the xenon flash that is included in this phone. Every picture that you take looks like it is being done by a pro. WIth the generous 5 megapixels, you dont have to worry about blowing up the picture and hang it on your wall. When you get tired of taking pictures, you can switch it to a camcorder. the video support is really nice. It takes 640x480 quality and it has I think 15fps. You will never miss one special moment when you have this phone. Another thing that I really fond of using is the GPS. it is a navigation system right into your cellphone. You don't need to bring big bulky GPS devices or buy even buy one because it has been integrated in this phone. I am using Garmine mobile and it is a blast! Great experience and the fun thing about this is that it talks! It tells you turn by turn directions and you will never get lost again. the downside that I experience with the GPS is that it takes a long time, I mean it! really long time to actually get a GPS signal. It took like 15-30 mins I guess. but once the connection has been established it directs you to where you are going with ease and accuracy. I am also an avid texter and my average is 100 messages a day. I am not that attracted or comfortable with the keypad design but I get used to it and you will too. Besides, the keypad is responsive. Overall! this phone is the best for an all-in-one phone. A must try and buy! down to teenagers or up to business-like people.

Everett, WA


Nokia N82 cell phone is very good!


Nokia N82 cellular phone is a very excellent phone, it still belong to ultimate generation of cell phone, it's only missing the touchcsreen display. First of all is a technological avanced cell phone and also durable,it works perfecly,without defects for a vey long time: personally I have got it from more than one year and a half,and it never gave me any problem!it still works perfectly! Principal caracteristic are:2,4"display LCD with millions of color excellent Carl Zeiss optical camara of photos of 5 MegaPixel with digital zoom,auto-focus and xenon-flash,which is also a good digital videorecorder of 480x640 pixel;video "Real player"applicatons installed. Connectivty: is quad band,UMTS,3G-GSM mode, GPRS,EDGE;connection to Internet whit HSPDA of 3,6 Mbyte speed,and WI-FI connetivity to Internet red; Bluetooth 2.0,Java application and games. Messaging: sms,MMS,VMS,E-mail. In the applications menu you can download You TUbe,Skype,Google,Yahoo,Social Networks like Facebook,Twitter,etc. Mp3 player,radio fm,visual radio, videoMp4 player, voice digital recorder, video an tv streaming connection. GPS navigator installed and perfectly working,Nokia Maps. Phone memory= 90Mb. + memory card SD of 2 GigaB., and many other useful functions like agenda,calculator,alamas,2stereo audio speakers, Quick Offce aplication,Push to talk,etc.etc. It's really very excellet phone!  

Edwards, CO


Nokia N82 Smartphone

4.5 4