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Nokia - Music Edition Cell Phone

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very good nokia phone


your Nokia - Music Edition Cell Phone very very good and poor batterie life




his phone will remain better among similar products and that


This product is one of the best in the world of smartphones because nokia created this Nice and maniable phone


saida . algeria


Excellent phone with great features


The Nokia N73 music edition is better than expected with an included 2GB mini SD card and great software to transfer music.  The phone makes and receives calls with good voice quality.  Nokia's N- series are excellent business and consumer phones with great features. The phone's 3.2 meagpixel camera is good and has decent performance in low light conditions.  The only drawbacks I can see is that its pricey and not a flip phone.


Warsaw, NY


Nokia N73 music edition could have been better


Nokia N73 was advertised as the "in thing" for all music lovers. It indeed is. A lovely Music player with high quality camera and storage capabilities. An Expensive media player device with a mobile phone attached. I have been using this phone last 2 years now. Since the very beginning, the mobile phone of N73 has failed to work as a decent "phone". When it come to function as a basic phone, it fails miserably. The software is very slow. Takes ages to come to life. Though it had 2 cameras, it is not very easy to switch between the two when you are in a shoot mode. The procedure to select the VGA camera is a very tedious one. The 3.2MP carl zeiss lens camera is the real highlight of this cell phone. I have taken some very high quality, memorable snaps with this despite the slow software problem to change to camera mode. The protective lens for the lens is very sturdy and I like the protective cover idea. Battery life is very good. I charge my cell phone once every 5 days.


Corvallis, OR


The N73 brings a new meaning to living your life on your phone


The new Nokia N73 phone has something most other phones dont have. A music player installed into this phone makes it even more popular than any other module. It brings a new meaning to literally being trapped in your phone. This phone attracts many younger people because of the combination of the music player, camera, and other qualitys such as talkin and texting. People can now listen to music whenever they are on the go, in the car, at school, and even at work. It can easily make a boring day better. Good to have around other people because of the camera and you can listen to music. My brother just got one of these phones and he wont ever put it down. He loves it because he is always occupied on it. Hes never not doing something. If hes not on his phone hes doing something and if hes not doing something hes on his phone which is most of the time. This phone is very good has great signal and is nice and sleek. It also comes in many great colors.


Frankfort, KY


Nokia N73 is the best phone I've ever hard


I have had this phone for two years, and right now it's going strong for its third year with my grandparents who are completely technologically ignorant (yet they are able to use it!). I found this phone to be durable - God knows how many times I've dropped it, effective - hardly any dropped calls, long-lasting - still chugging along after three years plus the battery hardly ever died on me (unlike the Nokia E75 I have now), great organizer. It's probably too expensive now t get it as a phone as a smartphone, but it was a great smartphone (even if it was a bit clunky). I think some of the phone providers have been offering this phone for free or discounted price lately because I have been seeing it on the bus and stuff, but mine was the Hong Kong version so it displayed Chinese characters - great for Chinese school - dictionary loading time. One problem I had with it really quickly was that the back cover wouldn't close properly only after the first days I had the phone. This impeded with the camera function and the "the fact that the cover won't close properly is pissing me off" emotion. But overall, it is an amazing phone.  


San Francisco, CA


The Nokia N73, not your ordainary phone


The Nokia 73 has been out for a couple of years now, but is not sold on the American markets.  I purchased this phone online because I had a Nokia 7610 for almost 4 years.  I had grown accustomed to the features of the 7610 and therefore the Iphone was not for me.  I love that I can connected both Nokia's to my laptop and download pictures, music or videos.  I also create my own ringtones, which saves loads of money and allows me to have distinctive ringtones.  With the Iphone you have to purchase additional ringtones which was not for me.  Also it doesn't receive multimedia text messages so this was also I soar not for me.  I do miss the chargeable face plates I was able to use with the 7610 and cannot with the N73.I really like to change because people think you have a new phone and you can match your outfits.  But the N73 does come with a 2 GB removable memory card which can hold a ton.  I currently have over an hour of music and 600 pictures on my phone with loads of move for more pictures.  Go Nokia.


Pittsburgh, PA


The Nokia N73 Music Edition Cell Phone is like a mini computer


The Nokia N73 Music Edition Cell Phone is pretty good. I haven't bought it but my friend has it. I've played around with it. It's a pretty good phone. It's not too big, not too small. The camera is pretty awesome. The quality is pretty good on it. There's so much on there that you can do. Everything else a normal phone can - call, text, etc. There's also music availiablity on there with great speakers. I would have to say that this is one of my more favorite phones.


Denver, CO


N73: Great phone, ok as music player


The Nokia N73 is a couple years old now, but still packs a 3MP camera, the Symbian operating system and a nice screen.  It does not work on US 3G networks.  Also, the headphone jack is non-standard.


Los Angeles, CA


Nokia - Music Edition Cell Phone

4.1 9