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Nokia Lumia 822 Smartphone

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Easy smart phone


I like a phone that is simple to use and this phone is exactly that. The live tiles makes everything accessible and easy to find. I mostly use my phone for calling, texting, Facebook and some internet browsing. Occasionally I stream Netflix and the quality is great. I think it has a great battery life, i usually charge every other day. I drop it everyday, and even without a case it has no signs of wear or damage. The speaker function works great for me, I use that more often than holding it to my ear. I can easily text and type with it. The app selection is not too great, there is a lot of apps that just aren't available. The facebook apps leave a lot to be desired, but it's not too bad. My favorite part is the camera. It takes great photos, so I rarely carry my large camera unless I know i'm going to be taking a lot of photos. Overall I think it's a great phone and I don't plan on switching it anytime soon. Ease of Use I am not the most technology savvy person and this phone is so uncomplicated that it is perfect for me.



Went through three in three months before they upgraded me


I was super excited about my first smart phone. My husband did the research and decided that we wanted Windows phones and this was his preference over the HTC models that were available at the time. Inside of my first 24 hours of ownership my phone shut itself off and required removing the battery in order to get it to turn back on. I thought it was a fluke, but it did it every 12-24 hours for the next few days. I checked in with my cell carrier and they did an update on it and it was ok for a day. Then it started again. I was late for work twice since my alarm didn't go off. I complained to the cell carrier and Nokia. They traded me out for a refurbished phone. It was good for 3 days, then started the turning off. I found that if I left the WIFI off, that it wouldn't turn itself off, but then I was eating up my data because I'd forget to turn the WIFI back on. When the third phone inside of three months did the same thing, I complained until they traded my 822 out for a 928. No problems with the 928, but the 822 has KNOWN PROBLEMS according to the Nokia and Verizon forums. Battery Life I didn't notice much of a problem with battery life, but as this was my first smart phone, I am unsure of how it matches up to others. Display/Screen Quality Nice, clear screen. Call Quality I didn't have many problems that I can think of. Ease of Use Windows phones are simple enough for almost anyone to use. You can customize it to have anything you want in various arrangements and sizes to fit your needs. Durability I dropped this phone a few times and nothing happened to it. It wasn't even in a great case, just a little rubber sleeve. Design It's a little brick-like and hard to hold up to your ear without a hand. Bluetooth headsets fix this problem.

Lafayette, IN


Great for first-time smart phone user!


This was my first smartphone, and I love it. It was pretty easy to quickly learn all the basic things I needed right away-- phone, text, e-mail, alarm. From there, I took my time learning some of the other things-- maps, camera, etc. and now am really confident using them! Battery Life Battery lasts a long time if you don't run a lot of background apps (the map and locator kind) Display/Screen Quality It's easy to see, and has a lot of options Call Quality Not sure if it's my phone or other people's phones, but sometimes it's super loud and sometimes kind of soft. Otherwise, call quality is usually pretty good. Ease of Use If I can figure it out, it's pretty easy. The only thing I have trouble with is the camera, but usually because I spazz out and hit the wrong button. It was easy to set up my home screen so the things I use a lot are readily available. Durability It's lasted me almost a year-- which for me, is awesome. I've dropped it repeatedly, gotten it a little wet, and done other really graceful things and it's still a champ. Design Design makes it easy to use, but it also looks good.



Nokia Lumia 822 Smartphone

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