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Nokia Lumia 800 Smartphone

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Great phone, but a bit small


I have had this smartphone for almost two years now. For the most part, I am satisfied with it. On the positive side, I think it looks nice, and it is very durable for a smartphone. It even comes with an extra protective case that you hardly even notice when it is on. On the negative side, I have to say that I have never gotten used to the "keyboard" being so small. Even if I turn the phone sideways (which makes the keys a bit bigger), I still, after two years, find it hard not to hit the wrong key. This would not be a big problem, if the dictionary would auto-correct. But apparently this version of the Windows operating systems does not do that (which I have seen it does on e.g. the Lumia 920). Another negative for some people may be that there is still a limited amount of apps out there for Windows phones compared to for Apple and Android phones. Not a problem for me personally, though, and the number of apps is steadily growing. In my opinion, battery life is decent, and the phone recharges quickly. I have had no complaint concerning call quality. The camera is also decent, but not as good as in some of the later Lumia versions. Call Quality I have had no complaints. Ease of Use Fairly straightforward to use. The 7 is due to the "keyboard" being too small, making it harder to text efficiently. Durability Very durable smartphone. Design The "keyboard" is too small - that is my only complaint.




Nokia Lumia 800 Smartphone

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