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Nokia Lumia 520 Unlocked GSM Windows 8 OS Cell Phone - Black


Powered by Windows Phone 8, the Nokia Lumia 520 comes with exclusive digital lenses, a 1GHz dual core processor, and a touchscreen that even works with long finger nails or gloves.

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Two stars


Pros: 1. Thinner than expected and feels good in hands. 2. Camera does a good job, a lot of innovative lenses to choose from. 3. Highly responsive touch, works even with gloves on. 4. Offline maps with Nokia Here works smoothly (Still Google maps are better) 5. Nokia music lets you download all latest and old songs direct to the phone. Even regional language songs. 6. Full MS office suit. Cons: 1. Phone getting heats up every day. 2. It doesn't have file manager. 3. lack of application and updates due to 512mb ram. 4. when switch on phone after off manually it shows back screen, again it will on. 5. OTHER folder in phone memory is gradually increasing memory we can't control it. so we need to reset our phone every 3 or 5months. for me its size is above 3.5GB, its really bad name to nokia. 6. there is no option to download our files to SD card, except videos and songs. 7. Media player can't play all type of videos like FLV, wvm etc. there is no another application to play them all in windows 8. android have lot of free apps for this. 8. Comparatively less apps that android. But almost all required apps are present. 9. No High end gaming as of now due to the 512 ram limitation. conclusion: Good marital, Very bad software..

Cairo, Egypt


I really like this phone nokia


I'm very much liking the Windows Phone OS. I've used Android for years, but this is just so clean and solid. Lots of the apps I was using on Android are available on WinPhone OS now, and the Nokia apps like maps and Driving aid are excellent (like you can download maps by state or country to makes the data streaming much lighter). Also some new apps just showed up (like Microsoft solitaire) that completed stuff I was looking for. Nokia also has upgraded their suit of apps, and the new camera beta is really powerful. Hard to believe you get all this for such a good price. Did I mention the replaceable battery, or the microSD card slot for storing pictures, videos, and music? Even has an FM radio built in -- not an Internet one (which it can do too), but a real radio, which is just cool. Also saves on data streaming if there's a radio nearby you like to listen to. (BTW, I got an unlocked and I travel to Asia a lot. It was just as advertised. I believe it came from Malaysia as the system languages out-of-the-box were English, Chinese, and Malay. But it is easy to add other system languages



Great entry Windows phone!


I wanted to give Windows 8 a chance so I purchased the Nokia Lumia 520 Unlocked. The first thing I noticed about this phone is that it is very light, but doesn't feel like a toy. The layout of the operating system is very simple, but it runs extremely smooth. In my 4 months of use with this phone it didn't crash once. I was really thrilled by the automatic screen lighting changes on a drop of a dime, especially during video recording. I might add that this phone takes high quality pictures. I was impressed with being able to run several apps at once and never experiencing any lag despite only running on 512 MB of RAM. What really sold me on this phone is that the battery life is better than any smartphone I have used up to this point. After a decent amount of usage throughout the day I still had about 60% battery life left. The downside to this phone is that the Windows Store doesn't have a lot of apps compared to Google Play, but it has some similar apps that run well. For the apps that aren't available I learned to live without them. I ended up upgrading to the Lumia 925, but I keep the 520 as my backup phone. I would definitely recommend the Nokia Lumia 520 Unlocked as an entry or backup phone because it has excellent battery life, cheap, and doesn't crash.

Westchester, IL


The OS works great


I purchased the Nokia Lumia 520 cell phone as a replacement for my iPhone and my experience with my iPhone was quite disappointing as it stopped working in a year. The screen of this mobile was quite small and only 4 inches due to which watching music videos and movies was causing a lot of strain on the eyes and hence I used it mainly for work purposes. The technical specs were great but when I installed 10+ apps on the mobile, it started working very slow and even when I used to try switching off the phone, it used to take 5-10 minutes to shut down. The phone comes with a 5 mega pixel camera and the picture quality is also decent but the video quality is quite poor and I often a disturbance in the videos I have recorded with this phone. However, for the price I paid for this phone, the features are good enough. The thing I love about this phone is the Windows 8 OS as I use this OS on my laptop as well and I can easily synchronize the data from my laptop to my mobile phone.



Nokia Lumia 520 Unlocked GSM Windows 8 OS Cell Phone - Black

3.5 4