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Nokia E71 Cell Phone

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Sleek But Has Some Kinks Cute Little Camera Phone


This is a good phone. Customization on this phone is without limits. Great service reception, and call quality is good unless you drop the phone a few times then it sounds like people are far away and then you are forced to use the speaker option. Also the camera function works well too! It also has a flash! The only drawbacks I have seen about this phone is that you are not able to set a full screen wallpaper unless it's a theme. Also the apps are horrible! Battery life is amazing! As well as talk time. also texting gets a tid bit annoying because the buttons are so close together. Internet usage is also horrible it exits from all screens when cloesd. Unless you download the "Opera" app which makes internet browsing easier and more convenient. Performance Works well as a basic phone or either a phone for a teenager. Great first phone =) Voice Quality Voice Quality is satisfactory until you drop your phone and then it sounds like people are so far away and it is also hard for them to hear you as well. Battery Life Awesome battery life =) Durability If you drop your phone it starts functioning terribly! Not even a hard drop its not a very durable phone. Ease of Use If you want the basics and quick maneuverability this is not the phone for you its going to take some getting use to as well as for the future it is not easily used. Design Nice sleek design. A tid bit heavier than most phones but it's slim and if you will "important" looking =)

Spartanburg, SC


Nokia E71 Cell Phone

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