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Nokia - Cell Phone

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best wireless service and phone ever


i would not have a contract phone with any of the top cellular service companies. This is great for me. i pay .10 a minute and .5 cent for text. i have never had a drop call or any type of service problem since i have had this phone and it is over a year now. The phone holds battery power far greater than others that i know. i even get free minutes when i upgraded i got 1700 free minutes and the price for the phone is great. tis works for me


Beaumont, TX


good cheap phone


If you need to get a cheap phone because yours broke and you have a couple months before your contract is up then **Nokia - 6085 **is a really cheap phone and its works great. keeps it simple if your looking for a phone that can make calls and text. I'm pretty sure the camera is pretty nice too. if you drop the phone its doesn't hurt it that much and lasts for over a year. good teenage phone cuz of the durability.


Overland Park, KS


Great Quality!


I'm not a big cell phone user (maybe 60 minutes a month), even though I've had a cell phone since 1998.  The one brand I've had the most (6 years) and found I can rely on is the Nokia.  I upgrade my phone every two years and recently up graded to the 6085.  I'm very pleased to say this phone lives up to Nokia excellent standards.  The screen is large, font size can be changed for easy viewing, buttons aren't to small, phone is small and sleek, the camera is very easy to use and this phone also had blue tooth! 


Augusta, GA


A Great Phone For the Money!


This is by far one off the best cell phone on the market. Long battery life. The stereo feature and hands free operation are a real plus.!! If you get the SD card for downloadable music you will need to by the cable(only by Nokia) to download your music or snyc your contacts from your PC. The cable is a little pricey. I would recommend this phone to anyone. My phone is a flip phone with VGA camera. Not the one that is pictured on this site. Go to for full product details.


Cincinnati, OH


The Nokia- 6085h is the most durable phone I've ever owned.


This phone is easy to use and very durable. The screen is nice and big. You can adjust the font size to make the words bigger. Ring tones are loud. The phone is slim, so it can fit in my blue jeans. The camera feature is easy to access and easy to upload. It takes great pictures unlike my old phone (it was a razor). It is also bluetooth compatible.


Jonesboro, GA


Nokia 6085 phone-an average phone, but not a 3g or 4g phone


the Nokia 6085 is an okay phone.  But it keeps dropping calls no matter what I am doing.  Such making a call or if I try to call someone who is in the store, while I am sitting in the car.   It rings through to their phone; they answer; then the call gets dropped. This phone needs to be updated or just taken off the market and not refurbished at all.


Davenport, IA


I am very pleased with operation and durability of Nokia 6085


I have had this cell phone (Nokia 6085) for approximately 2 years and have found it to be excellent.  My accessibility has been fine; very, very rarely dropped calls.  I have also never had any equipment problem or failure after the several times I have dropped this phone; including several times on hard surfaces; i.e.  floors, sidewalks and streets.  User guide very easy to understand even for someone not too technically oriented.  Havehad no complaints from people I have communicated with over said phone about not being able to hear me well or voice breaking up.  I would highly recommend this phone to anyone who is looking to purchase a cell phone for the first time.  About the only problems I have experienced is when I use either the camera or sometime experience problems with download of music.  The main problem I experience seems to be with memory.  When I use camera, frequently I have to free up some memory from other files or pictures I have on phone.  Same problem occurs occasionally when trying to record or download music.  However, this is probably my fault to a degree as a cell phine is not the same as a desktop or laptop computer as far as memory capability. Once again, I will say that I have had very few problems with this product and would recommend it without question.     


Towson, MD


After all meets NOKIA Standards...Satisfied....


I have been using this Nokia N85 phone from quite a while. The very first prob i have got is understanding this phone. This was a bit hard and the reason was the software in the phone was not supporting each and every application. I got to uninstall the software and have to re install it. The entertainment button dedicated especially was very great to access. the wi-fi is also useful when you install apt apps and use the phone to the full extent. The ovi store from the nokia was great help to make use of the phone to its potential. make sure that you use nimbuzz through which you can connect to most of the voip services like skype or any thing to make calls through internet and where you can save few extra mins on your plan.  8gb space was great....i uploaded a lot of songs but i still have 4 gb left. you can also add youtube feed to the feeds and can watch youtube videos on the go if you have a 3g speed media connection. i expected that camera will be a great thing, but that didn't met my expectations. over all it was a okay phone....


Burnsville, MN


I'm not very pleased with my cell phone!


**When my last cellular phone failed to hold a charge, I purchashed a Nokia Go phone.** **I do not drive and I'm almost always at home, so I did not need a high  tech cell phone.i just needed one because I already had an account with AT&T and my daughter calls me on it frequently (she has a Go phone also)** **My last cellular phone was a "LG" phone with a camera and I liked thaat one better. When it died, I purchashed this Nokia Go phone, mainly because it was very inexpensive and i really just need it for an emergency.** **I live in a rural area, and my  home phone doesn't always work, so I needed a cellular phone, which is reliable.** **I'm not very happy with my Nokia Go phone. Except for text messaging, I really have not learned how to use it. Most days, I turn it on when I wake up, and leave it on just in case i go out, or my husband goes out. Other than that, it just sits on my counter.** **The other day, the baterry fell out and I had no idea how to get it back in.** **Even though I am not thrilled with my Nokia Go phone, it does serve it's purpose.** **I would not recommend the Nokia Go phone to anyone who really needs and uses a cellular phone for something other than an emergency.**      


Rio Grande, NJ


good cellular


The Nokia 6085 cell phone is to me a middle-class phone. It is not a space they get some of their other offerings but it is also not as good as an N95 and some of their other very tech savvy cell phones. This does not have a touchscreen but I have a small screen that is sufficient enough and large enough to provide you with the important vital information that you require. Information like who you are calling and what time is. I don't know about you but I mainly use my phone to make calls and also to check what time it is as watches are a bit outdated these days. I've never had a reliability issues with any of my Nokia phones whether it be basic phones or whether it be hyped technology phones. They are always reliable given my experience with them. Getting it to work is a cinch and all you need to do is plug in the necessary components to make it work. Charging it is also very easy.


Beverly Hills, CA


Nokia - Cell Phone

3.9 31