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Nokia - Cell Phone

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The Nokia 1661 is a no-frills phone for calls and texts only


If you're in the market for a cellphone, you could either hate this phone or love it, but it depends entirely on what you need out of a phone. The Nokia 1661 is absolutely barebones with minimal functionality, a typical user interface with much to be desired if you actually care - BUT if you just need a phone for emergency and once-in-awhile calls, it's the perfect phone. In terms of value, this phone can likely be obtained for almost-nothing to nothing with a pay as you go promotion, so compare it to other offerings in that price range. In that light, it has done everything I need of it in the last year of usage. I use it perhaps 10 times a month, for either a quick text message or a phone call, and the phone has always worked well in each situation. So no technical issues on my side. The build quality is unsurprisingly very cheap; it has no weight to it as it's made entirely of cheap plastic, and the buttons don't feel that good to press relative to better quality phones. I would not want to drop this phone as it could likely break quite easily, but much higher quality phones still can break very easily. As long as they have a screen, it has a very equal chance of breaking on impact. At least this phone doesn't cost almost anything. There's not much else to say; if you want lots of features and good build quality, look elsewhere. But if you want a no frills, very capable phone to use for calls and text messages, this is great value for the money.

Seattle, WA


The Nokia-1661 Cell Phone is the worst cell phone ever!


I had left my usual cell phone on the bus a few months ago, I have a plan with AT&T so I went out a bought a new cell phone. I wasn't looking for a great interactive cell phone, I was just looking for something to get me through for the time being. What I wanted was a cell phone that could make phone calls and thats it, because I have been meaning to get a better phone and loosing my current phone gave me a reason to just grab a regular cell phone and research a good one. So I picked out this Nokia, and don't get me wrong it was cheap on price- but with this phone you seriously get what you pay for! I wanted a phone that could make just phone call's and this phone can barely do that! I have bought phones in the past that cost me right around what this one cost me, and they were nowhere near as retarded as this phone- and I know your thinking "Retarded?" But I seriously can't think of any other word to use to describe this phone! It's the perfect word! When I press the "Call" button, a screen pops up that says "Packet data not available" What the heck does that mean?? And it does it like five times in a row. It's not just the call button that does that either, the "Select" button does it, and so does the "End Call" button. Another thing is when I select one choice from the menu, something completely different pops up- like say I selected my "Phone Book"- the "Settings" menu will come up instead and it doesn't bring the same thing up every time sometimes when I select my "Phone Book" the "Settings" menu will come up, but other times it will be something else for instance the "Tools" menu which isn't even one of the selections- the "Tools" menu is a sub selection in one of the other menus (The "tools" menu is located in "My Stuff")! It is just unbelievable! I am currently researching phones so that I can get rid of this one- I hate it! So if your considering buying this phone- please save yourself some sanity, and don't!

Worcester, MA


this nokia 1661 cell phone is simple and easy to use .


the nokia 1661 cell phone is a simple and easy to use phone that any one con use yong or old  the nokia 1661 cell phone can be a very usefull cell phone. its feachurs are very simple and any one can understand them  non of the feachures are hard to use  its realy good for 1st timers it can be a great gift for every one.  its prity small and can go any were

Sun Valley, NV


Nokia - Cell Phone

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