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Nokia - Cell Phone

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This phone is quite a disappointment. I was looking for a new phone that came free with the next 2 year plan I signed up for and this one was small and compact, just what I was looking for. I hate large phones and want something that fits in my hand easily. Well, it is small and it does fit in my hand, but it has its share of problems. A few weeks after using it, I noticed that it would turn off when I shut the phone. This has become QUITE a problem, and I have to *carefully* close the phone now after each call, in an attempt to prevent the phone from turning off. Still, sometimes I forget, and then, hours later, I realize that my phone is off and I've missed loads of calls, some of them important. The service isn't bad, I've been able to make calls everywhere and have yet to find a place where I can't make a call. I've had great luck with the battery life, I only charge it once a week or so. However, I don't text or talk a lot. As others mentioned, the phone DOES feel very flimsy, and if you're clumsy and drop your phone a lot, this is NOT the phone for you! All in all, it's a decent phone, but I would have gotten a different one if I'd known about the problem with it turning itself off everytime I close the phone.

Springfield, MO


I would never buy another 2705 cell phone from Verizon.


My experience with the 2705 Verizon Wirless cell phone was terrible. The second month the phone was in my possesion it stoped working. The Charger had died out. And the only way I could charge my phone was by using a certain Motorola charger. The Keyocera charger fit my phone but it didnt work. It will only work with Motorola. Which I dont understand because the 2705 Verizon Wirless Cellphone was a Nokia. The battery dies out quickly. The life span is probably at most two hours if you dont try to get on the internet. And I dont know where to go to get another Charger. Although I believe the service plays a huge role in the satisfaction also. I have the pay as you go plan. And I dont see where my money is going. Its all a waste of time. And a waste of my money. I believe by the end of the month I will be switching services. I will not recomend the 2705 Verizon Wirless cellphone or its service to anyone, not even my dog. I have currently gotten rid of my 2705 Verizon Wireless cellphone and switched to a slide up Straight talk cell phone with Walmart.

Winfall, NC


Nokia - Cell Phone

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