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Nokia - Cell Phone

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Good design, but doesn't hold up to constant use


[If I'd reviewed the Nokia 6650 two weeks ago, I would have given it a sound 5 star review. Now it's hardly living up to a 1 star. So it's getting a 3, just as a thank you for 1 1/2 years of service.] Starting with the pros: - If you sign up for a plan, the phone is free. - Some flip phones seem made to split in two after a few uses. The Nokia 6650's sturdy build and metal exterior holds up to constant use - The front screen is decent sized and well lighted - The keys work well, even after lots of texting Nokia 6650's cons: - One of the outside buttons is for "push-to-talk"-- a service I have never wittingly used. It constantly gets pushed while sitting in my purse. That was the only con until a couple weeks ago. Then my phone went bonkers. It shuts off all on its own multiple times daily. Then it resets the programs... including my alarm clock. 6:00 somehow got switched to 3:00, which didn't make for a very fun morning. All in all, it was a good phone while it lasted, but has bit the dust.

Tuscaloosa, AL


Nokia 6650d is cheaply made, unreliable.


This phone isn't even a year old and it is completely kaput.  No, I didn't drop it in water and yes, I have a protective case.  I had all my details on the calendar and also a great phone list.  When the insurance gave me a Nokia replacement, I wasn't too thrilled.  In FEB I can get a real phone, like the iPhone.  What's worse is that I can't even save any info from this phone - even if the PC Suite was offered - cos this phone doesn't qualify  Go figure.  I used to like Nokia but I see this one was made in Mexico so I will never buy this company again.  Don't get me wrong, I love Mexico - but not this phone made there.  Maybe there is a less-than-a-year life expectancy now on Nokia phones.  That way we can buy another one.  Ya right.

Bowie, MD


it works.


i love this phone. it was and still is my first and only phone. i've had it since march of 2009 and it's still here today. i reccomend this phone to any one. it's easy to use and works well for texting and talking.

Appleton, WI


The Nokia 6650D1 BH Cell Phone is really not worth the money.


The cell phone era has come along way since the first cell came out you remember the 3 ton piece of medal that you would carry around proudly, and the car phone was in a little bag and plug into the car. Now there are so many different choices to pick from you can begin to  get confused and end up with a phone you will never be able to figure out and that never works and you have to trade in every three to six months. That is what happens when you pick the Nokia 6650 at first I thought this was the best phone ever and then three months later the problems began. At first the phone would not hold charge so At&t sent new charger, then the phone began to cut off by itself and you have to take the battery out and then place it back in the phone and then restart the whole phone. I had a replacement phone sent to me and surely enough three months later the problems started again, This time the phone began to get hot a few seconds after you began to use it. With all the problems that have been associated with this product I really am surprised that this phone still allows to be put into inventory. So when looking for a new phone just remember to ask who ever helps you at the provider's location if there have been any complaints on the product that you are looking at. You will find that the Nokia is the best phone when it comes to durability and can survive almost anything. But you have to look at the point that you want your phone to be reliable and dependable when you need it the most.You can get many different types of phones now just make sure that you talk to friends and family first these people will be honest with you about their opinion on a product.

Covington, LA


I want to talk on my cell phone


Will you please make my cell phone work practically always. Over the past 20 years I have owned many cell phones, many wonderful, some great, some ok, then there is this phone, Totally the worst!!! Personally, I feel that I should not have to turn my phone off too often because it will not dial, let me use many of the functions, and more. The phone, like almost all cell phones have the ability to play music, but do your self a favor, and don't have music on your cell phone.  I have gone through at least three of these phones over the past year.  What happens, is that it will start playing on it's own. The only things that I can say good about this phone are the following: 1.  Holds the charge for a decent amount of time 2.  For things like head sets, it uses the standard jack, same as in cordless phones that makes it extremely inexpensive. 3.  It charges relatively fast 4.  The alarm clock and calander are wonderful. Other problems are: 1.  It auto answers too fast, and I don't hear it ring 2.  The ringer even if set to its loudest is extremely quiet 3.  Answers on it's own when phone is in my cell phone case Be extremely percautious before purchasing this phone

Farmington, MI


Nokia - Cell Phone

2.6 5