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Nokia - Cell Phone

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A decent phone with plenty of features


The Nokia 6350 is my second phone. I'm quite happy with it; it has quite a few useful features for a basic phone. I mostly use it for phone calls, the camera function, occasional texting, and as an alarm clock, and bluetooth to download photos to my computer. But there are a host of additional features, including music downloads, a GPS and navigator function, and email. Since I didn't bother paying for the data service, I don't use most of the phone's capabilities. However, it needs a protective cover; the outside case scratches and chips very easily. I'm quite satisfied with the ability to customize the phone's interface. I've put up my own desktop image, rearranged the menus,  Now, I have some problems with the phone. The back of it comes off rather easily. The power cord port is covered, requiring that I pop open the cover every time I recharge. Also, the phone sometimes fails to ring when there's an incoming, and messages that go to voice mail periodically don't show up until hours later ... but I don't know if that's a problem with the phone itself or with the carrier.  On the whole, I'm satisfied with the phone, although I'm certain there are better ones out there.   Performance It does exactly what I need it to do -- make and receive phone calls, text in a pinch, and a camera that provides legible (but fairly low-res) shots Voice Quality Adequate voice quality. Nothing special, but no trouble either. Battery Life Better battery life than my old phone, and keeps going quite a while even when the battery indicator is low Durability The exterior enamel chips pretty badly after I'd had it just a short time and the outside screen broke down a few months after I got it due to a cracked screen. Ease of Use The keypad locks up way too quickly and the menu is not as intuitive and straightforward as I would like Design I really like the way it looks and its compact nature

Portland, OR


Still Getting Used To The Controls


I don't have this phone by choice; my dad made all of us on his plan change from these awesome little Samsung flip phones, to this phone. Supposedly the video and picture quality is great, but since my dad refuses to let us have picture messaging, I can't really speak on that. The controls are really strange with this phone and I still haven't figured out how to full put it on silent (luckily the vibrate mode is very quiet). I hate how you have to wait a few seconds to view the time on the outside of the phone; my first cell phone from 5 years ago could do that without a problem! Also, if you open it up to look at the time, the time is in the vey top corner in tiny font that is difficult to read. Re-learning how to text on this phone is fairly simple, though. When you shut the phone and re-open it, it leaves you at where you last were instead of resetting at the main screen. At first I thought this was annoying, but it's actually quite helpful for when I have to stop writing a text suddenly. Over all, this is a pretty decent phone to have for those who don't want to get a smartphone yet.

Beaverton, OR


Not a reliable model.


I have been a customer of nokia phones for a long time and I'm very disappointed with this phone! Both my husband and I got this model because we wanted a phone that would be durable. I had to return mine twice to get a new one because the ones I got were defective! The screen would go white and there was no way to turn it back on unless you took out the battery. Now I have a "non-defective" phone but the back falls off if you barely touch it, the paint chips off if you barely drop it, there is no way to clean out the buttons very conveniently and the buttons themselves actually scratch the screen! Usually a big pro of the flip phone is that your screen is preserved from scratches, but not so with this phone, as it's own buttons leave lots of scratches and even indentations in the screen. On the positive side, nokia phones in general I feel last past their warranty and get decent reception as a rule.

Franktown, CO


nokia 6350 is a good phone for the price


The phone has a camera texing,gps 12 different opitions .The phone for the most part doesn;t drop many calls and most of the time the incoming calls are very clear.The phone also has a convient size to it.

Duluth, GA


Nokia 6350 Cell Phone one of the best of the best


I have been using cell phone for about 4 years now and have had several different brands(Motorola, samsung and nokia).  The first one Motorola was a very basic model and Samsung was a little more advanced, it had a camera and you could text but we didn't have that feature on the phone at that time. Now, my latest phone the Nokia 6350 cell phone has allot of features(Download and play music,video share,AT&T Mobile Music,AT&T Navigator, CV((watch news,tv,sports,video categories)).Media Net,Camera/Video,Blue-tooth Pairing, Text messaging,Instant Messaging,and Mobile Email).  That is quite a lot of features for not being a Smart Phone. Please remember that with most of these features there is a price to pay so be very very carefully when you log into them.  Make sure you have the Date Service or it can cost you a ton of money before you know it, so please take this as your first warning and talk to your service rep before you leave the store where you purchased your Nokia 6350 Cell Phone. I only had mine for a couple of weeks now and I am still finding many new things to do with it.  There is so much on this phone to do it would take a week to explain it, so sit back read the pamphlets that came with the phone and then just explore and have **fun fun and more fun.**

Gainesville, FL


Nokia - Cell Phone

3.2 5