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Nokia - Cell Phone

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The Nokia 6061 is an OK phone


The Nokia 6061 by AT&T (Cingular) is a reliable phone for maybe a backup cause. Many pepole would agree that they phone is a bit outdated and does not meet some of the wants of consumers today. Although the phone meets that basic requirements it is not very; Text Friendly, Internet Friendly, or Ringtone Friendly. The phone does do texting, but it is not efficient. This phone does not have any Bluetooth options at all, and cannot recive very many Multimedia Messages. The phone recieves picture only multimedia messages, but rejects any with sound. The phone features, do include a speakerphone, and your basic tools such as the alarm clock and calculator. The phone's alarm is a very brilliant by starting softly and then proceeding to a gradually louder tone. Not very many other phones have this wonderful and friendly feature. Overall the Nokia 6061 is a reliable, basic phone for your basic users.

Crawfordsville, IN


A Nokia 6061 Picture Phone Cell Phone - is TOP NOTCH


The Nokia 6061 Picture Phone Cell Phone - Lightweight, easy to flip open, has great features, like a camera that can act like a video camera and can record special moments from your family life to your wedding, birthdays and anniversaries. Since it is so easy to get to, you can be assured of getting that "special" picture, right when it happens, and you won't miss a thing! Since, AT & T and Cingular have merged, NOKIA camera phones are top of the line with them and you can upgrade your current phone to a Camera phone, mostly during promotions or if you take advantage of a special offer. But the phones are top quality and durability and will last long with a good battery charge. Accessories can be found at any AT&T retail store. Also, this phone can be web enabled, handling emails, instant messaging, and surfing. Finally, Bluetooth is also a great feature for storing pictures. NOKIA - definately on the up and up.

Palm Coast, FL


Nokia - Cell Phone

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