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Nokia - Cell Phone

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Love Nokia


Dislike the 7510. I am working on my 4th phone since Feb. I've had it replaced because it powers down for no reason, when I'm texting, or checking the email. I can't even back my phone up right now. It keeps failing. It also won't let me use the timer on the ringer. The phone simply freezes up.

Sumter, SC


Nokia 7510 Cell Phone is a very nice phone to look at.


I think the Nokia 7510 is a very nice, small, fit in your pocket or purse phone to look at with the fancy light and the changable color plates but other than that it can be a headache after the first month or two, you are constantly replacing the phone.  The lights go out for no apparent reason for two to three days and as soon as you call to get the replacement phone and it's on the way to your house, the original phone decides to start working again.  Then there's the button you use to flip the phone open, it seems to start loosening so eventually it feels as if the door is going to fall off.  So please try to limit your calls to five a month or else you may be in trouble.  Please don't need to put the phone on vibrate while you are at work.  For whatever reason, when you put the phone on vibrate it decides to make this funny noise. It's absolutely nothing you did because your paper inside is still white which means you didn't get it wet so that's not an excuse.  Sometime my phone can be sitting on the night stand and all of a sudden the voice command will start talking "NOW DIALING" so of course I'll say "WELL THEN STOP"  For no apparent reason at all the phone just talks.  The phone is nice to look at and light weight but I don't know if I would reccommend it to any of my friends or family.

West Palm Beach, FL


The Nokia 7510 is a good phone when you need wifi calling.


I was using a Samsung pohne but it was not getting a good signal were I live so I got a new Nokia 7510 and now have hot spot calling and I am getting better reception and the phone also has a lot more fetures on it than my onld phone. I am happy with the new phone. If you want a phone with FM radio, a camera, media player, voice recorder, voice recognition, changeable face plates blue tooth capable, the ability to set ring tones for each number saved and the ability to check your email than it would be a good phone for you. It also has a calander, alarm clock, Calculator, a to do list, a spot for notes, a count down timer, a stop watch, a World clock, and a converter, not only for the temperature in Fahrenheit/Celsius but also exchange rates, Currency, Cooking, Weight, Length, Area, Volume, and Lifestyle. The Nokia 7510 has just about anything that you can think of having on a cell phone. It is also very durable. So far it is the best phone that I have had.

Washougal, WA


Nokia - Cell Phone

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