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Nokia - Cell Phone

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The Nokia 6301 is not a bad phone for its price.


My Nokia 6301 is a pretty good phone. My family is with T-mobile so we get free wi-fi and it has an instant messaging and email app. However I don't like that you cannot download a browser that is compatible with this phone.  Occasionally it over heats and you have to take the battery out but it takes like five seconds to take the battery out, put it back in, and turn it back on.  I have a 4GB memory card in it and have already uploaded 1000 songs onto my phone and about 3 movies.  It is light and thin so it fits in a lot of places. 

Edinburg, TX


nokia worst features ever


where do i begin? well ihave two phones and this phone i use for business let me start with the screen the sceen already feelis like it has flacky stuff on it but thats just its wear and tear i have had this phone as well as another the same amount of time and this phone also the paint coming off the texting on this phone is horrible because of its size and so when i text i get hand cramps faster as well as giving my thumbs heartbeats its just not at all a comfortable phone to text with the buttons on it are loud to when ever im clicking i feel like everyone can hear it definitly not a phone you can get away with texting in class the teacher will hear it and even figure out what direction it coming from.oh and forget about the memory space! have fun with 10 pics unless you have a video (which is also horrible quality) then you mite only be able to store 1 or 2 pics  just everything about this phone i really cannot stand! but company paid...

San Diego, CA


decent phone


The Nokia 6301 comes in one color, black with Silver. Its a good phone, pretty heavy duty but not bulky like some nokias. It does hold 400 text messages in the inbox and outbox. Texting is very easy on this phone. It's not a flip phone its a bar phone so it scratches the screen easily. It's an Mp3 player phone and it can hold full mp3 songs. Also has an FM radio. This phone also has wi fi calling. I haven't lost a call yet so the calling out is very good. The bad thing is the volume of the phone. I can't hear when my phone is ringing. It does have select songs you can put in your phonebook for your friends so you know who is calling you but for texts it gives out only what I put on for text messaging song. I have real web browsing on this phone, can't really do much but it works for my needs. When you do listen to the radio you have to use the headphones that come with it otherwise it won't work. Overall this phone is decent for my needs.

Westminster, CO


Nokia - Cell Phone

2.7 3