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Nokia - Cell Phone

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Keeps dropping wi-fi calls.


We purchased this phone because of the wi-fi capability. All calls that connect via wi-fi do not count against our minutes. Since we live nowhere near any of our family members, this has represented a savings for us on our monthly plan.We do not use this phone for texting or pictures or anything else beyond phone calls. But even when sitting directly in front of the router, the call will just disconnect. Sometimes it will almost immediately disconnect when dialing back after the initial call, taking up to 4 attempts before the call will hold.The battery life is very short, so we are constantly recharging. And without any audible battery warning, we often get caught off-guard and cannot return a dropped call for 2-3 minutes after plugging it into the charger.We are unhappy with this phone and would not recommend it.


Gulf Shores, AL


Excellent battery for heavy use and the camera is a bonus.


My old reliable Samsung didn't survive a toilet dive (lesson:  finish the call before you start a project involving both hands), so my T-Mobile store recommended the Nokia 6068.  I needed long battery life between charges but didn't think I needed the camera feature.  Now I'm happy to have it--and it's been a source of more than a few good laughs.  Overall a good value for not much money.


Bethlehem, PA


Avoid the Nokia 6086


The Nokia6086 is not what I'd call a great phone. It's an okay phone. It's not the phone for the long haul. In 13 months, the vibration feature has become an occasional feature (meaning it doesn't always work) and the battery requires a minimum of 2 charges per day if I plan on talking on the phone. I have noticed some dropped calls, I can't say that they're any more frequent with this phone then any other phone I've had but it adds to the negative experience I've had with it.   My advice? Save your money and get something else!


Pottsville, PA


It holds a charge for a really long time.


I love this phone.  It gives me great service.  I can usually go 3-4 days before having to re-charge the battery.  It does exactly what I need a phone to do- let me talk to other people.  I can also pick up service on it when other people cannot- peolpe who use the same service provider.


dowelltown, TN


Its just okay


This phone is not bad, however, I feel like this and all cell phones are made very cheaply for what they cost. They tend to have problems no matter what and I have yet to find one Im happy with. This one is good for what it is.


Long Beach, NY


Nokia - Cell Phone

2.8 5