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Nokia - Cell Phone

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Simple phone


We were looking for a straightforward, low bells and whistles cheap cell phone option when we chose the Nokia 6205 phone.  Overall, I'm satisified. We have 3 young children that seem to constantly be finding the phone, it's been dropped on the ground, briefly submerged in water and over 18 months still works well.  It looks like it's taken a beating but it has.  I like the simple camera phone feature and it's simple to use with easy to read numbers. I don't like that it has easy access to the internet where my 2 year old by just playing with it can access the internet nad cost us money, with no way to shut this option off it's annoying.  The voice command option is a bit bothersome as well because the button presses rather easily and my husband has had the phone talking and calling in his pocket without trying.  Overall, it's a decent phone, I guess you get what you pay for, it was cheap and it gets the job done. 

Kansas City, MO


the nokia 6205 sucks!


The nokia 6205 is a sucky phone. I have to charge my phone up just about every night because it runs down, even when i don't hardly use it. The battery cover pops off when i barely touch it. The music player does work very good, whenever i play a song, it comes out sounding all tinny and not very good quality sounding music. The keypad is flat so when you try to text or dial a number it can be difficult to press the right button. The phone does not take very good pictures and if you don't hold the phone still when you snap the picture it will come out all blurry and not very good quality, you can take videos with it and that does pretty good. The piece that covers my micro sd card slot will not stay shut and the cover for the charging slot will not pull back far enough to allow you to charge your phone properly. It does make pretty good calls. the call quality is good and you can hear pretty good one you call, but that doesn't really outweigh all the things wrong with this phone.

Canon, GA


my nokia is great


my nokia is a pretty good phone. its has a lot of options on it. what i like the best is the fact that is has a camera.i use it everyday. it also can record video which is nice because i can put it on m computer and send it to others.the video quality is also pretty good. its pretty durable too i have a 2 year old who gets a hold of my phone all the time and it is still working. its a little dinged up but it works. it has alot of memory too i must have at least 200 pics on it and lie 20 videos and its still also has a touch screen on the outside of the phone so i can listen to music easily on it. the only things i dont like about it is that it is a flip phone so its kind of loose when you open it i am afriad that it wont last to much longer. when you open it it wiggles a little. and it doesnt have any games on it. i think thats my providers fault though. i am not sure. the case sometimes fall off too. then the battery comes falling out of it. but over all its a good phone..

South Bend, IN


Nokia - Cell Phone

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