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Nokia - Cell Phone

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This is an excellent style phone but it's not durable enough.


I love the style of this phone and have gotten comfortable with using its features. Unfortunately it's really shabby looking and I need to get a new one. I dread shopping for a new phone because I can't find any style I like as well as I like this phone.


Loyall, KY


I am very satisfied with this cellphone.


I am completely satisfied with this phone. It has all the extras of a phone that I need and want, but I especially enjoy the MP3 music player in it. This phone is compatible with the Bluetooth headsets on listening to music which I have learned is not available in some other types of phones.  


Warren, OH


This phone was a disappointment to me, some good, some bad


I upgraded to this phone last month, and ended up returning it.  I use my phone a moderate amount, and really want it to just be reliable for talking and texting and take decent pictures (since sometimes photo opportunities come up when you don't have your camera handy).  I was very disappointed in the quality of pictures taken for this camera.  I was also very disappointed in having to charge the phone every other day.  On the good side, the screen display was amazing and the sound quality, talking and listening, was very good.  The phone also had good reception, but for me, the cons outweighed the pros.


Garland, TX


Very durable cell phone that takes great pictures!


My Nokia 6126 I find to be very durable, especially after having dropped it several times, with the phone both open and shut. The picture quality is better than my old phone had as well as a larger display. I like the loud speaker, its so much safer for when I am driving, and it is loud enough to hear as long as the radio is turned down. I rate this above avarage, and I would definately reccomend this to others whom are value conscious and searching for good quality and service! Personally I dont need all the bells and whistles on some of the newer phones! I am a basic needs kind of person. I only wish I can learn more about using the phones special features. Thanks Nokia, Good Job!


Elk Grove Village, IL


Easy to use, yet impressive cell phone.


     I love my Nokia 6126 cell phone!  It is small enough to fit in my purse and loud enough that I hear it when it rings.  The pictures taken with the camera are clear and can be used as the wallpaper for the large and small display screens (large on the inside, small when the phone is closed).  The sound quality is excellent and I hardly ever have dropped calls.  The display screen is easy to read and you can customize the settings to however you like them.


Staten Island, NY


The Nokia 6126 does the job and provides some great features.


The Nokia #6126 is a great phone.  My favorite part is the clear quality of calls and the great built in microphone. I can record my own ring tones which is a great feature, I think.  Also, listening to MP3s is easy (and using them as ringtones is pretty simple as well). I also use my phone as a clock and an alarm clock.  The alarm sound is customizable, but the default is very nice.  It is just loud enough to wake me up, but not so loud that it scares me awake. Also, I make a good use of the calendar and notes features.  This phone can easily function as low-end PDA for keeping track of things.  Options to save contact data to the SIM card or to the phone directlly are hard to find and every once in a while, I have to go through and make sure all my important numbers are saved properly, but that is not a big deal. Also, the flip phone aspect of this phone is much better than I thought.  All my previous phones were bar-style and I thought I would not get used to the flip phone.  It is sturdy and easier to hold on to than a bar-style phone, so I got used to it pretty quickly.


Hummelstown, PA


the nokia 6126 is one of nokia's best flip phones!!


this was only my second phone ever but despite that it continues to be one of my favorite phones of all time. the camera houses a 1.3 megapixel camera and can record videos and can even read micro sd cards. the music player on it is very good and the games and applications that you can install on it make it an even greater phone than that of which it already is. i personally was amazed to see that the phone can turn itself on if you have an alarm on it, so you dont have to leave the phone on and risk loosing precious battery life. a very cool feature of the phone is to flip open the phone, you can push the buttone on the top right and the phone flips open by itself! the only reason i ever decided to change phones was because my camera stopped working after a bit. two horizonatl and one vertical line appear on the photos. other than that, i never experienced any problems with the phone, and it even has 3G capabilities.


Los Angeles, CA


A great basic phone


This was my first cell phone. (I tend to be a late adopter.) I was quite impressed with it; more so, I think, than the later Nokia model that I upgraded to. I got good reception and rarely dropped calls. It took me very little time to figure out the menus and to quickly customize it to my own needs. The camera was pretty good as well, although I didn't use it all that often. I did use the camera to capture my own desktop images. The only problems I had with it were minor. The address book didn't let me store multiple numbers per person, so I needed to make multiple entries for everyone. Also, it could have been more rugged --  I kept it in my pocket, and over the three years I had it, the phone got pretty beaten up, all skuffed, with the chrome worn down. It still worked fine after three years, though ... it just didn't look like much, Also, I sometimes had a hard time hearing the ringer when I was walking near traffic, in a crowd, etc. But those are small complaints for a phone that served me quite well.


Portland, OR


Very easy to use and great camera pictures


When I needed a new cell phone I was looking for something not to small and easy to use.  I started out looking at the A T & T store.  I went through deciding what I did not want.  I am not a texter but I do like to take pictures. I am very in to reading reviews on everything I buy.  I started reading up on the Nokia - Model #6126 Cell Phone and it sounded like what I wanted.  My husband has fat stubby fingers and needs a keypad that is not too small.  This cell phone is perfect and the pictures come out almost as good as my digital camera.  It has zoom and night mode.  The phone works great and is very durable.


Brooksville, FL




I love tmobile.  I have been a customer for over 10 years, I wouldn't change company's.  They are always clear and I never have a problem getting service.  I am always the one who has bars when no one else has any.  If I have ever had any questions or concerns they have always answered my questions and concerns clearly and didn't end the phone conversation until they knew I was completely satisfied.  If anyone ever wanted an opnion on which company I would recommond Tmbile to them.  Also I love the 3g mirage phone.  It has great internet access, and it even has the weather channel updates on the weather for each day.  It has games, and great texting.  You can use the number keyboard, or the computer style keyboard.  The camera on the phone is also wonderful.  some of the pictures it takes are better than my regular camera.   That makes it easier to send pics to others and share the memories.  I would definately recommend this camera to anyone who is looking for a phone with a camera. 


Chicago Heights, IL


Nokia - Cell Phone

4.0 19