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Nokia - Cell Phone

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Versital meets small


This phone is for the business savvy to the busy mom it's small sleek design makes it easy to hold and can fit in any pocket. This phone makes it easy to talk to your friend and family while listening to the radio. I Love this phone because it had plenty of activities and it has a lot of memory. the only thing though is connecting it to the computer you have t get a very special cable that is also connects to the same place as the head set but if you get a blue tooth then it wont pose as much a problem.

San Bernardino, CA


i love this phone


this phone has really come in handy and is the best. with the memory card slot, it allows you to remove and put it into your computer to save your pics to your comp. most phones like my old samsung, you had to delete the photos to make room for new ones. plus the video quality is great!

Lancaster, NY


Its a Nokia-which means great phone!!!


I love NOKIA - its a very good brand. I decided to check out this phone because I like a phone that small and compact. I Dont specifically like flip phones but they're normally the most compact and the screen doesnt get scratched. The camera is pretty good, the phone has a lot of memory for messages and images! Nokia in general has good phones.

Chicago, IL


Great phone for the buck.


Great phone with just a couple problems.Love the Radio / MP3 player.  perfect for when I am stuck alone at work and everything is to silent  Using the optional USB cord it can hook right up to your computer very easily and you can back everything up to your PC.  Add pictures, audio, text, anything to the phone or take stuff all the phone to store on computer.Picture quality with camera is fairly good.Has a decent amount of storage space for holding files.  And can be expanded using a micro-SD memory card very easily.Good size screens.Very customizable.  Unlike a lot of phones I looked at you can make short cuts to almost option or folder for any button.Voice dialing is pretty nice too... When it works.Problems:Battery does not last very long.  Runs low in 3 to 4 hours. And has to be charged daily.Phone seems to disconnect from blue-tooth quite often.  But picks it right up again when you go to reactivate it.Love the Nokia brand and love this phone

Niceville, FL


Its a good phone.. Just not if you have a hard labor job!!


I had this phone for about a year. I work with horses it didnt hold up so well getting dropped on a concrete floor. For some one with a genle job the phone is great! So if you work with construction or large animals I wouldnt recomend this phone for you. Or if  you are clumsy and drop things like your phone alot i wouldnt buy this phone!

Port Jervis, NY


my favorite cell phone ever


I absolutely love this phone, it is my favorite one to date. I feel that I would recommend this phone to anyone interested in getting a Nokia. I love the leather in the back of the phone and the way the phone can be flipped open. The camera quality is good and I'm happy with the amount of pictures I can take.

Van Nuys, CA


It's everything I need and nothing I don't.


I love my Nokia 6133 cellphone.  I am a klutz and drop it at least once a week and it has never had to be fixed.  I love that I can download ringtones, wallpaper, caller tunes, etc...on it and really personalize it.  My cellphone keeps me connected to friends, clients, and family.  It is really easy to use and I never go anywhere without it.  There are a lot of fancier phones out there but mine does exactly what I want and need: no more and no less. I also trust the Nokia brand name.  I have bought Nokia phones in the past and have always appreciated the quality and the customer service.

Tarzana, CA


I love Nokia phone but not this one.


I have always used Nokia phones and I love them.  When I went to upgrade my cell the salesperson told me about this new phone that "JUST" came out....well I was a guinea pig.  I had to replace it about a month after I got it, they number 1 wouldnt work at all.  Then about a month ago it decided to stop ringing or vibrating all together.  I had no way to know when someone was calling me.  The volume on the phone isnt the best either.  I have to charge this phone everynight

San Jose, CA


Great phone, short talk time.


All in all the Nokia 6133 is a great little phone if you don't mind charging your phone every day or two.  It has about 3 hours of talk time, but if you aren't on your cell 24/7 it's not a big eal.  The Bluetooth feature is also key as handsfree driving is a must for me and i have had little to no luck with the older handsfree headsets.  Overall, I would reccomend it to anyone who needs a decent phone at a good price and isn't looking for too many gadgets.

San Diego, CA


Nokia 6133 continues to be reliable with great sound.


I bought the Nokia 6133 after trying other brands and going back to the ultra dependable and clear Nokia brand.  I started out with a Nokia, then tried other brands only to be disappointed with the sound quality (lack thereof).  I fought static, echos, and hearing myself and not the person I was talking with only to have to hang up and retry the call.  The Nokia 6133, like all Nokias, offers superb call quality. This phone also includes a 1.3 megapixel camera that will take video and an MP3 player.  The camera is good quality if you just need something to take a quick snapshot.  The MP3 player quality is fine, however, I prefer my stand-alone player as this does drain the battery on your phone. The only negative I have to say about this phone is the the location of the camera button.  It is on the side by the power button, and it takes very little to engage the camera.  This has caused many unplanned and worthless pictures being taken.  It is good that they can be easily deleted.  However, it can be annoying when you are in a meeting with your camera in your pocket or purse and then you hear the click of the camera going off.  Again, it takes very little for the camera to engage. Overall, I highly recommend this small Nokia 6133 phone.  The quality of the calls and the other features more than make up for the occasional camera taking a picture.  If your needs are just basic phone calling and taking a few pictures, this is your phone.

Leander, TX


Nokia - Cell Phone

3.8 31